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SECO-LARM is now shipping the ENFORCER DP-121Q Video Door Phone. The DP-121Q displays an image of the visitor shown in real-time on the phone's monitor, and a built-in microphone and speaker on the camera unit lets users communicate with visitors. Authorized visitors can then be granted entry with a push of a single button.

Suitable for home or business use, the DP-121Q lets users securely and remotely talk to visitors, and when connected to an electric lock, allows users to grant access to doors or entrances. The camera turns on automatically when a visitor calls, or can be turned on manually to provide surveillance of an entrance area. The camera can then be turned off manually or automatically after two minutes of inactivity pass.

The DP-121Q comes as a kit with a single monitor and camera, but can be expanded to add an additional monitor and camera. Installation comes via a simple 4-wire connection. Other features include six LEDs built into the camera for nighttime operation, CCD camera chip, high-resolution with low lux, adjustable contrast, brightness and ringer volume, and a built-in camera-angle adjustment.

For more information about this product or any of SECO-LARM's full line of residential and commercial security systems and accessories, or to request our latest catalog, please contact the SECO-LARM Sales Department (949) 261-2999 (California) or (800) 662-0800, fax (949) 261-7326, or visit us on the Web at www.seco-larm.com.

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