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Protech goes Green by Announcing GreenScene

Protech Theatrical Services, a designer of theatrical rigging equipment in Las Vegas announces plans to re-direct its product lines to manufacture green products. "We will be making every effort to use recycled, organic, and natural materials as well as methods to create a new line of products made of raw and recycled materials. This move will reduce our carbon footprint and make a difference to our planet," says Will Brants, president of Protech and now GreenScene. "It has been too long that we have taken part in the wasteful use of our planet's precious resources," he continues.

Revealing his first new GreenScene products at the LDI show October 20, in Las Vegas, Brants reports that virtually all stage equipment is manufactured from steel, castings, aluminum, plastics, and nylon, a high percentage of which are recyclable. Protech's challenge was to implement a higher percentage of recycled raw materials that could be manufactured and performance tested to conform to stringent industry standards. Brants and his R&D team worked feverishly for the last sixteen months to find new manufacturing methods, new sources, and expertise. Brants says his mission exceeded his expectations and the experience has been empowering to his staff and rewarding for him personally.

In fact, he took his mission to his own manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas where he says they reduced their landfill output by 90% by placing recycling bins on site and training employees. They also switched to all recycled paper products, energy efficient lighting, and more efficient air conditioning.

One of the challenges faced by the company was to find recycled materials that were certifiable at a reasonable cost. "I even contacted DuPont and to my surprise they responded to me and were very cooperative and willing to support my efforts to find sources for recycled nylon right here in my own country."

Will Brants is also issuing a challenge to the industry: "What are you doing for your planet?" He calls for an open forum to solicit ideas from anyone who knows of new sources for raw and recycled materials and new technology to continue to reduce our collective carbon footprint. For more information, go to www.GreenScene.net or call 702-639-0290.

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