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The NT-BAC/IP BACnet-IP gateway from Network Thermostat is an installation solution for HVAC control and energy management within worship facilities.

The NT-BAC/IP bridge integrates Net/X HVAC controls with any BACnet building automation systems (BAS). The NT-BAC/IP connects directly to any one of four powerful Net/X platforms and translates the information to BACnet/IP, adding BAS support for all Net/X thermostats, remote sensors, and programmable relays.

Worship facilities can manage HVAC systems and save energy dollars with any of four NetworkThermostat platforms, including system-programmable wired XBusTM or wireless StrongMeshTM systems, or independent, stand-alone programmable Ethernet or Wi-Fi thermostat platforms.

The NT-BAC/IP includes auto discovery and point mapping of each Net/X device. When integrating with the Net/X system-programmable XBusTM (Wired) or StrongMeshTM (Wireless) solutions, it's as simple as plugging the NT-BAC/IP into the LAN, entering the IP address of the Net/X system scheduler (the NT-IPXB), and connecting the BAS via Ethernet. The NT-BAC/IP does the rest. Also, the NT-IPXB system scheduler includes a Net/X exclusive BAS system failsafe override. This feature enables the BAS system to control the HVAC systems unless the NT-IPXB does not receive a "BACnet active" response, whereby the NT-IPXB resumes as the primary HVAC scheduler and runs the HVAC systems accordingly.

Product Details

WFX 2013 Booth: #928
Product: NT-BAC/IP
Availability: July 1, 2013

The NT-BAC/IP also integrates seamlessly with the Net/X Ethernet (Wired) & Wi-Fi (Wireless) thermostat solutions with embedded Web server and schedules. These solutions accommodate seven-day schedules, with four events per day as well as a single calendar-based vacation schedule. Worship facilities can use the NT-BAC/IP with these solutions to integrate with the BAS system while retaining all of the functionality of the stand-alone Ethernet or Wi-Fi products.

The NT-BAC/IP enables the BAS system to send and control schedules, yet still gives the user access to the thermostats via PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone for instantaneous overrides or for configuration of email and text message alerts directly from the thermostats. Alerts include filter change reminders, excessive temperature notifications, and an Inefficient Equipment Run alert. In total, there are 16 different alerts that can be configured.

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