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MAXPRO Network Video Recorder (NVR) Hybrid

MAXPRO Network Video Recorder (NVR) Hybrid

Honeywell's MAXPRO hybrid network video recorders (NVRs) enable churches to add affordable, flexible and scalable IP video to their houses of worship.

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Safety and security is one of the most challenging aspects of church management for a simple reason: churches are, by nature, supposed to create open, free-flowing environments. That concept directly contradicts with security, which usually aims to tightly restrict the flow of traffic through a building. While advancements in high-tech security equipment have made it more possible to create a secure, but open environment, church budgets typically don't have the flexibility for massive upgrades.

The latest iteration of Honeywell's MAXPRO network video recorder (NVR) represents an important evolution in security that can help make churches safer without straining budgets.

MAXPRO NVR Hybrid can enable churches to have high-quality video surveillance without having to replace older analog equipment.. This is because NVR Hybrids convert analog feeds to IP without replacing analog cameras, which makes it ideal for smaller institutions that want to keep existing analog camera infrastructures while adding affordable, high-quality HD video. This approach enables churches to transition to IP video by building on existing technology investments, instead of starting from scratch. Additionally, installation is simple and configuration with existing surveillance cameras does not require prior IT experience.

The result is a high-quality surveillance system that gives people in charge of security at a church a better view of what's happening on the premises through advanced video features, including sharper video, better tracking functionality and smarter video search capabilities. The system supports simultaneous recording and live monitoring for up to 32 cameras. It also supports the security industry's ONVIF Profile S protocol, meaning it can work with non-Honeywell systems. It also sports 360-degree cameras and a patented video surround feature that lets users track subjects as they move between areas covered by adjacent cameras.

Finally, people in charge of church security (whether it's clergy, an office administrator or professional security guard) can access the system remotely using Honeywell's Web client and MAXPRO mobile application. This enables users to view the video using any Web-enabled device, like PC, tablet or smartphone. The interface is simple and intuitive with all the functionality and features that users need for daily surveillance operations, such as live view and playback of recorded video.

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