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Kaivac SmartTowel Cleaning Towel System

Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning system, have introduced the SmartTowel Cleaning Towel System. The new patent-pending microfiber towel is divided into quadrantsnumbered one through four on one side and five through eight on the other. According to Matt Morrison, Kaivac Communications Manager, this allows users to fold the towel and use only one quadrant at a time.

“This incorporates best practices suggested by many cleaning experts and organizations. They recommend that a towel be folded into quadrants so a fresh, soil- and bacteria-free cloth is always used in the cleaning process,” says Morrison.

However, Morrison adds, it is often difficult for the cleaning professional to know where they are in this progression and even what areas of the towel have or have not been used. "With the SmartTowel system, this all becomes very intuitive," he says. "The end result is the cleaning worker always uses a clean quadrant, which helps protect human health."

Kaivac will give away samples of their new SmartTowel cleaning towel system at both the ISSA, in Las Vegas, and the ASHES (American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services), in San Antonio, tradeshows, which are being held September 7 through 11, 2008. "We are giving them away for free because we want people to try the SmartTowel system on their own," Morrison says. "It's a practical solution to the serious problem of removing contaminants and stopping the spread of germs and bacteria." Kaivac will be at booth 2591 at ISSA and booth 510 at the ASHES show.

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