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Integration of Event Scheduling Software and Intelligent Thermostats

At a time when churches are increasingly looking for ways to conserve financial costs and run their organizations more efficiently, ServiceU Corporation and NetworkThermostats have announced real-time integration between online event management software and HVAC controls. ServiceU has unveiled EventU Green, an add-on to its EventU software, online event management software for churches.

"EventU Green is radical because it interfaces directly with NetworkThermostat's Net/X devices to modify the thermostat settings," says Tim Whitehorn, ServiceU's chief executive officer. "This means that the HVAC controls will be adjusted automatically as the event schedule changes, thereby saving churches hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year."

Jerry Drew is the founder and president of NetworkThermostat, the industry leader in design and manufacturing of intelligent network-based thermostats. According to Mr. Drew, "This new alliance with ServiceU has raised the bar for HVAC automation. Because it integrates an organization's event schedule directly to their Net/X thermostats, EventU Green provides an unprecedented level of savings in both utility costs and personnel costs."

Some of the benefits and capabilities of this alliance between EventU Green and Net/X thermostats are as follows:


Reduction in energy consumption for heating and cooling of up to 20% or more

More money to spend on ministry due to savings on utility costs

Free up valuable labor time currently spent manually managing HVAC controls

Higher "user satisfaction" since room temperature will be automatically controlled


A single calendar system for managing events, rooms, resources, and HVAC

Real-time control of all air conditioning and heating zones for an entire campus

Changes to events automatically result in corresponding changes to HVAC controls

High-availability architecture continues HVAC control even if Internet is down

Integration with HVAC controls is not a new concept for ServiceU. Since 2004, the company has worked with its customers to create export files that can be imported into the scheduling module of their existing HVAC control systems. EventU Green takes a quantum leap by providing real-time control of air conditioning and heating zones for an entire campus. "We have the privilege of serving some of the most innovative churches in the world," says Whitehorn. "Their suggestions led to the design of EventU Green and will radically improve churches' stewardship of energy usage and ministry dollars."

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