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GreenLights: A Lighting Energy Audit Tool

SilverSoft, Inc. is proud to introduce GreenLights, a lighting energy audit tool. GreenLights is an MS Windows desktop application specifically designed for auditing, analyzing and reducing a facility's lighting cost.

The software is designed for use by building managers who are familiar with their facilities, but who aren't lighting professionals. Its target is small businesses, schools, religious institutions and other similar facilities.

With GreenLights, a user can quickly determine their current lighting costs and model a more efficient system. Made for laptop use, GreenLights goes with a user as they walk through their building. It is wholly self contained and does not need an internet connection to operate.

It makes data entry quick for fixture and bulb information as well as constantly calculating daily and annual use. For example, it provides a running total for the facility's total lighting costs.

GreenLights' functions include:

Ballast wattage

Breakeven time for new fixtures

Bulb style identification chart

Calculates a building's total, annual lighting cost

Calculates current, annual electric and bulb costs by fixture

Collection by user defined areas and locations.

Experience based rate calculator

New fixture installation and operating costs

Predefined major fixtures, bulb types and styles

Predefined reports with Excel export of all fields

Rapidly modeling proposed changes

System set up walks user through bulb choices, areas, and defaults

User defined defaults for switch type, bulb style and type

SilverSoft Inc. is a small, District of Columbia consulting and systems development firm in business for over 20 years.  You may visit the website at www.slvrsft.com.

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