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GefenTV Ethernet Over Power Line Cable Extender

The GefenTV Ethernet over Power Line Cable Extender offers consumers one of the most convenient methods of Ethernet distribution available today. Users can access the Internet from any room in the facility without rewiring or running new cables. Instead, by simply tapping into existing, in-wall power line cables users can extend up to four Ethernet connections throughout the facility. A DSL, cable or satellite Ethernet signal is distributed throughout the facility using small sender and receiver units equipped with Ethernet RJ-45 ports that transmit data up to 200 Mbps to guarantee a rapid data delivery.

The ability to utilize the power lines in the walls to access the Internet saves money on cabling costs while improving the installation process. No additional cables are needed to connect the GefenTV Ethernet over PLC sender unit to the receiver, which can be placed up to 1000-feet (300m) apart.

The solution is designed for simplicity. The sender unit connects active DSL, cable or satellite Ethernet router into any standard wall-jack power outlet. The receiver unit is connected to the power outlet in the work room. Once both units are powered, four Ethernet ports on the receiver unit will be active.

All 10/100BASE-T Ethernet protocols are passed through the GefenTV Ethernet over PLC Extender at speeds up to 200 Mbps. Built-in security codes protect the system.

Gefen also supplies a GefenTV Ethernet over Coax solution, which allows users to connect sender and receiver units to an existing coaxial cable to distribute the Internet to any room. The sender unit links the Ethernet signal to the in-wall cable infrastructure using a coaxial port, while the receiver delivers four active Internet connections to any other room in the same building.

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