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The T6 FLEX from FSR is a small, affordable solution that merges a flexible touchscreen control system with an elegant table box. It provides churches varying sizes fingertip control over nearly every aspect of the sanctuary.

Encased in an elegant and convenient housing at an appealing price point, the T6 FLEX enables worship facilities to control various AV equipment other devices, such as screens and shades. It can also serve larger installations as an auxiliary controller for the switcher, the control point for remote pan/tilt/zoom cameras. The system's features, along with its ability to control a full-range of AV equipment, makes it ideal for classrooms and children's ministry areas as well.

Product Details

Product: FSR T6 FLEX
Availability: April 1, 2012

The control system's touchscreen is housed in the hinged top of a T6 Series table box. When closed, the T6 FLEX provides an elegant and stylish appearance and the control system is out of sight. When open, the touchscreen is easily accessible, as are the interior compartments that can be populated with a variety of AC, audio, video, and data connector plates available from FSR.

The T6 FLEX's touchscreen is designed to enable volunteer operators to operate the various installations around the campus. Should they need assistance, the technical or AV director can remotely operate the system using Flex Remote, a software application available for Windows, Windows8, Window RT, Windows Phone, Android devices, iPad, and iPhone.

The T6 FLEX installations throughout the campus can be centrally monitored using Flex Manager, a Windows-based application that tracks the current status of each T6 FLEX and provides usage information, projector lamp life monitoring, remote control, and advanced scheduling.

The T6 FLEX features four serial ports, four IR ports (each able to control up to four devices), four GPIO ports, an IP port, built-in clock/calendar with scheduler, multi command scripting, conditionality, and Power over Ethernet.

The T6 mounts in a 6-inch hole and is available with either a square or round cover in black, aluminum, or brass finishes. It includes three AC outlets that can either terminate in a standard Edison plug or in a wire harness suitable for hardwiring.

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