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First Baptist Church of Tempe Launches $2.8 Million Capital Improvement Project

The congregation of first Baptist church of Tempe Arizona is moving forward with a $2.8 million capital improvement to build an expansive 24,400 square foot, state-of-the-art two-story addition to the existing building complex.

“Forward by Faith” is a congregation approved master plan to provide meaningful facilities for education, offices, worship, discipleship, evangelism and outreach from the church campus to help any willing person reach their fullest potential to become radically Christ-like.

In the weeks prior to the congregation’s vote Dr. Roger Ball announced that more than $1.3 million has been committed to this campaign. Dr. Ball further noted that the economic downturn has led to unprecedented potential savings in construction costs, citing research showing that the church will benefit by an additional 25% more build out.

Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, who has visited FBC on several occasions, has commended the work that FBC does to strengthen Tempe Community with its Compassion Day outreach. The FBC leadership believes this project will not only benefit the membership, but will provide an open and inviting atmosphere for the community.

The proposed plan, designed by innovative Phoenix-based architect firm, Todd & Associates, Inc., will physically and dramatically change the campus. The church credits Mesa-based firm Concord General Contracting, Inc. with bringing the initial phase in under budget.

This present campus was in need of expansion to accommodate the ever-growing membership and to provide adequate facility and increased classroom space for the youth department. Additionally, the offices will be consolidated and the IT department will be centralized representing a significant unification for FBC.

First Baptist Church of Tempe will ask its members to make a 12 Month commitment while traffic patterns are rerouted and parking spaces are changed to accommodate the construction and the completed capital improvement. These decisions will be based on a 90%+ congregation approval.

For more information contact Dr. Roger Ball at 602-402-5309 or email: rb618@cox.net

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