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Fabric Used in J.R. Clancy's Fire Curtains Gets MEA Certification

New York City the last in country to certify curtains made with ZetexPlus fireproof fabric suitable as Class I proscenium curtains

Fire curtains made with patented ZetexPlus fabric, a product of Newtex Industries, Inc., have been approved for use in proscenium theatres in and around Manhattan by the New York City Department of Buildings' Report of Materials and Equipment Acceptance Division (MEA).

J. R. Clancy, Inc., a design, manufacturing and installation company for theatrical rigging equipment and a leading supplier of fire curtains to the theater industry, uses ZetexPlus fabric in the manufacture of its fire safety curtains and borders. The MEA report, #212-08-M, accepts Zetex Plus 1210 with or without wire insertion in either black or natural color. Zetex Plus 800 fabric also was accepted by the report.

For more than 15 years, Clancy's fire curtains made with Zetex 1210 fabric have been listed by the California State Fire Marshall for use as Class I proscenium curtains, a status accepted by code authorities virtually everywhere in the United States except for New York City. With the new MEA approval, J. R. Clancy fire curtains are now listed for use anywhere in the country.

Zetex Plus fire curtains provide a fire-rated barrier between the stage and the auditorium, as required by the International Building Code. Available in both straight lift and brail styles to suit any proscenium stage architecture, the curtains can be operated by manual or motorized systems. All Clancy fire curtains close automatically when activated, whether they operate manually or with motor assist. Additional non-emergency operations can be motorized for the convenience of the operator.

"Zetex Plus fabric allows us to manufacture fire curtains without the use of wire insertion," explains Tom Young, vice president of marketing and sales for J. R. Clancy. "Wire insertion was required for asbestos curtains, which were reinforced with wire because of the short length of the fibers. Cotton thread, reinforced with wire, was added to the curtains so that they would not fall apart. Some non-asbestos cloth curtains still require wire to meet strength requirements, but the more advanced construction of the Zetex Plus fabric eliminates the need for wire reinforcement."

J. R. Clancy makes some Zetex Plus fire curtains with wire insertion, for theaters with specifications that require this.

To learn more about Zetex Plus fire curtains from J. R. Clancy, visit http://www.jrclancy.com/catalog_firecurtains1.htm, or call (800) 836-1885.

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