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Extech's "Recession Relief" Rebates on Test Equipment

Have you been holding off on buying your next electrical tester, DMM, or other handheld test equipment? Extech Instruments (www.extech.com), a subsidiary of FLIR Systems, Inc., is launching its “Recession Relief Rebate and Prize Program,” making high-quality, handheld test and measurement equipment more affordable during these tough economic times. Customers who spend $200 in new Extech test equipment products will receive a $15 rebate; $500 purchases earn a $40 rebate; $1,000 purchases will receive an $80 rebate and $2,000 purchases earn a $200 rebate. Plus, Recession Relief rebates come with a camouflage “boony”-style bucket hat and are automatically entered to win a $500 American Express gift card.

This offer expires June 30. To purchase Extech products, contact your Extech stocking distributor or visit http://distributor.extech.com to find a local distributor. Visit www.extech.com to download your Recession Relief rebate form.

Extech offers test equipment for the following trades: electrical, HVAC, mold/moisture remediation, plant maintenance, utilities, air/water-quality, sound/lighting compliance, home improvement/remodelers, municipal/state agency property maintenance, lighting installers, handymen, and more.

Extech’s wide-reaching Recession Relief program applies to all Extech-brand test and measurement equipment. Receive up to a $200 rebate on hundreds of products in these categories: Airflow Meters, Bench Power Supplies, Cable Testers, Calibrators, Clamp-On Meters (amp clamps), Electrical Testers, Fiber Optic Meters, Gas Analyzers and Testers, Humidity Meters, Lab Instruments, Light Meters, Moisture Meters, MultiMeters (DMMs), Oscilloscopes, Power Analyzers, Pressure Meters, Refractometers, Sound Meters, Specialty Meters, Stopwatches/ Timers/ Clocks, Tachometers/ Stroboscopes, Thermometers, Viscotesters, Water Quality Meters, and more. Visit www.extech.com for a complete product listing.

This is a limited time offer expiring on June 30, 2009. Rebate forms as well as complete terms and conditions can be found by visiting www.extech.com. This offer applies to Extech test and measurement equipment and does not apply to Extech infrared cameras. Visit www.extech.com/cameras to learn more about Extech’s “i5 Stimulus Package” promotion for Extech infrared camera purchases. For questions regarding these promotions, please call Tracy Milhomme at 781-890-7440.

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