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EPA Announces National Building Competition

EPA Announces National Building Competition

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is once again hosting a national competition among commercial buildings to save energy and fight climate change. Contest participants will work off the waste through improvements in energy efficiency with help from EPA’s Energy Star program. The finalist that sheds the most energy waste will be recognized as the winner.

Who Can Apply?

Energy Star partners may apply by nominating one or more of the facilities they own or manage. Any type of commercial building is eligible for the competition, as long as it has an active Portfolio Manager account that includes energy use data from September 1, 2009, to present. Organizations must use Portfolio Manager to benchmark and share their energy data with EPA.

How does it Work?

This year, new for 2011, all competitors that apply and meet eligibility requirements will participate in the first round of competition. Participants will benchmark their building’s monthly energy use with EPA’s Portfolio Manager tool, make improvements to their building’s energy performance, and share their progress.

In late July, EPA will narrow down the field to a select group of finalists. Among this group of finalists, the competitor that reduces its energy use the most on a percentage basis will be recognized by EPA as the winner.

The competition will compare a building’s EUI between two 12-month-period ending dates: 8/31/2009 and 8/31/2011. The competitor that demonstrates the greatest percent-?based reduction in weather?normalized energy use intensity (EUI) across these two periods will be recognized as the winner.

For example, last year’s winner, Morrison Hall, began the competition with an EUI of 213 as of 08/31/09. At the end of the next twelve-month period, 8/31/10, the building had an EUI of 137. This equates to a 35.7 percent reduction, which resulted in a first place finish.

What Do Participants Get?

Participants will benefit from outreach and publicity events that will take place between May and November, 2011, including: national media activities surrounding the competition, encouragement from a celebrity spokesperson, limited technical support from EPA, inclusion in a competition website, use of contest logos and identifiers, and EPA notification of media and government officials in your area. The winner will also be highlighted in a national press release and public service announcement from EPA.

Energy Star is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Program helping businesses and individuals fight climate change through superior energy efficiency.

Learn more at energystar.gov.

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