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Department Store to Worship Facility in Montpelier, Ohio

Decorative millwork enhances box structure

When the congregation at House of Prayer in Montpelier, Ohio, outgrew their building, they decided to renovate an old department store to serve as their place of worship. An abundance of Fypon decorative millwork was used to help transform the old, empty building into a church.

“You’d never guess that shoes, towels and luggage used to be sold in this building,” says Pastor Don Harris. “The renovation efforts are so extensive, and the Fypon pieces accent the place so perfectly, that it looks just like a church inside.”

To help achieve the transformation, five separate urethane door surrounds (including pilasters, crosshead and keystone) were added to the interior door areas of the House of Prayer sanctuary. Large dentil moulding and brackets were installed over the pulpit platform, and unique Fypon mouldings highlight the sound booth area and other parts of the room. In the foyer, dental and crown mouldings carry out the cohesive look, along with three additional interior door surrounds and ceiling medallions.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the Fypon products have set the stage for a rebirth of this building,” says Pastor Harris. “After two years of hard work on the restoration, it’s finally ready to open. This is a momentous occasion for our church members and our community.”

Harris reports that Fypon products were selected for the project due to their durability matched with their decorative appeal. “This will be a ‘high-traffic’ building and we wanted products that will look just as appealing in 10 years as they do today. The decorative Fypon pieces certainly were an answer to our prayers.”

The House of Prayer conducts community outreach ministries including a local food pantry, clothing center and a restoration center for those dependent on chemicals. The facility is located at 115 Empire Street in Montpelier, Ohio. For additional information, call 419-485-2115.

For additional information on Fypon moulding, call 1-800-446-3040 or visit the company’s web site www.fypon.com.

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