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CyberLock Access Control System

The CyberLock Access Control System provides an affordable way for churches to restrict and audit access to their facilities. CyberLock is unique in that it uses the lock hardware that is already present in buildings so no expensive hardwiring or structural changes are required for installation.

Full-featured access control can be gained by replacing the mechanical cylinders inside existing locks with CyberLock electronic cylinders. The system’s electronic keys cannot be duplicated or copied at the local hardware store which literally erases the threat of unknown keys in circulation. If someone loses a key it can be blocked from accessing any locks. The time and considerable expense of re-keying a church facility is completely eliminated.

Churches are tasked with tracking and securing the physical assets that help them minister to their people. With the CyberLock system, each person’s key can be programmed with the specific access permissions they need to do a specific job, providing tighter control of overall access.

Both the electronic key and lock record openings and unauthorized attempts to enter. This detailed audit reporting increases accountability and can be very valuable when a church needs to know who and when someone has accessed an area when an unusual situation arises.

With CyberLocks and CyberKeys, churches have the opportunity to implement an affordable system that is easy to install and can quickly provide the physical security and key control they need.

About Videx

Videx designs and manufactures CyberLock access control products that are shipped worldwide from their headquarters located in Corvallis, Oregon. For more information about CyberLock, please contact Videx by phone at (541) 758-0521, by fax at (541) 752-5285, by email at sales@videx.com, or visit our web site at: www.videx.com.

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