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Cogun Adds Three New Members to Team

Cogun Inc., a leader in church design and construction, has announced the hiring of three new team members who will oversee the development and consulting of current and potential customers. This will allow Cogun to focus on developing stronger relationships with the current churches and church prospects looking for guidance.

The new team members include Jeff Kempton, development manager for upper midwest region; Peter Vivaldi, development manager for the Florida region, and Richard Chancy, project consultant, for southeast region. Jeff and Peter will focus on making the first connection with churches when Cogun is contacted for assistance. Also, Jeff and Peter will be responsible for filtering questions and concerns about the beginning stages of the planning and building process. Richard will consult with churches to determine their facility needs. His goal will be to enhance their growing ministries with appropriate building expansion and development.

“We are excited about the addition of Jeff, Peter and Richard to our consulting team,” says Bill Couchenour, President of Cogun. “Each brings the level of character and professionalism that ministries have come to expect at Cogun. And, together, they will enable us to broaden our ability to serve churches with facility needs.”

All three new employees are very familiar to the building and design process and have all worked with churches on different levels. Prior to working at Cogun, Jeff Kempton worked for Sauder Manufacturing Co, in Toledo, Ohio, which provided seating solutions for churches. Peter Vivaldi formally worked for Corcoran, a church builder in Florida, which also provided church design and construction services. Richard Chancy came to Cogun from Injoy, an international leadership development company, where he held the position of Executive Director of Sales.

About Cogun

Cogun assists churches with the challenges and opportunities of expansion and has designed and built over 650 projects in 33 states. Cogun partners with independent architectural firms to design and build church facilities that accommodate dreams and desires. Cogun manages the entire process, from pre-design to post-construction services, and with their development expertise and industry partner relationships, help build the right ministry space for each church.

For More Information Contact:

Jim Couchenour

Cogun, Inc.

Director of Marketing and Ministry





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