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ChurchGuideUSA.com Offers Churches Greater Online Visibility

According to the Barna Group, a market research firm, there are more than 40-million searches for churches on Google every month in the United States. That number equals more than 100 searches per church per month. A growing number of churches are embracing the internet to communicate with members and grow membership.

ChurchGuideUSA.com, a division of Four Eyes Marketing, offers a solution for churches seeking to attract more visitors to their websites and to their churches. ChurchGuideUSA.com provides a co-operative pay-per-click service that allows churches to have greater online visibility.

"We pay for the Google advertising, which means that when potential church members conduct an online search for church' or a variation of the word church,' our directory appears on page one of the Google search listing in those areas where we have local premium listings. The churches pay us a flat fee to be in our directory," says Kevin Downey, president of Four Eyes Marketing, a Kansas City-based search engine marketing firm.

"As a result, churches listed in the directory receive more online visitors to their websites and ultimately to their churches, at a fraction of the cost compared to what they'd have to pay if they were to purchase Google advertising themselves."

Downey also says information on churches listed in the directory appear from nearest to farthest to a potential member's home, since most people are willing to drive only 20 minutes or less for church services.

Barna Group collected the following statistics on online church communication:

The number of church websites in 2008 has nearly doubled since 2000.

Based on recent numbers, 62-percent of protestant churches have a church website.

One of four protestant churches has a presence on such social networking sites as MySpace.

Larger churches are more than twice as likely to have a social networking presence.

Thirteen percent of protestant churches have blog sites or pages that people can interact with church leaders.

Visit www.ChurchGuideUSA.com for details. For information on Four Eyes Marketing and search engine marketing tips, visit www.foureyesmarketing.com.

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