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Churches Highlight Help of Energy Consultancy

Churches Highlight Help of Energy Consultancy

Churches who were struggling to find the time or expertise to handle complicated energy bills and heating contracts has found help with energy firm Utilitywise.

St Barnabas Church, Sutton

Humphrey Clarke has been Treasurer of St Barnabas Church, Sutton for the past 10 years.

During his time as treasurer, Humphrey Clark had to "endure" many occasions negotiating energy contracts directly with gas and electricity providers.

None was undertaken without problems.

"When Lawrence Yehia of Utilitywise approached me about two years before our next contract was due to expire, such was his enthusiasm for how he could help us. I said I would consider recommending to our Church Council that we use him if he contacted me again nearer the time when our next renewal was due.

"He duly did and has made things a great deal easier for us. He was able to negotiate a five-year contract for gas we had only been offered up to three year ones by companies themselves in the past. It was also agreed a year in advance, giving us peace of mind and ensuring that we were immune from any further price rises between then and the start of the contract previously we could only negotiate contracts up to 90 days before their renewal. Lawrence was also able to negotiate a contract for our electricity supply on a similar basis.

"I am now looking forward to a smooth changeover of suppliers when the existing contracts expire in the knowledge that we have one point of contact who is in control of the situation and readily available on the end of a phone if anything should go wrong.

"Lawrence has also arranged for a subsidiary company of Utilitywise to provide us with a full energy report at no cost which will tell us precisely where and how much power we are using on various appliances and how we might be able to reduce our consumption.

"Lawrence has been able to take away all the hassle and worry involved in negotiating energy contracts and I have no hesitation in recommending Utilitywise".

St Peter's Church, Watford

Andrew Taylor is Chairman of the Resources and Finance Committee at St Peters Church. It was his job to find a heating and lighting solution for a renovation in the church hall and he used Utilitywise to help him do this. 

"We came across Utilitywise by accident really. We had been researching LED lights because we wanted to change the lighting system in the church hall. A gentleman came to help with this and I happened to mention that we were about to embark on a project to extend the hall, and that we would be looking at lighting and heating options for this. He recommended Utilitywise, and so the story began.

"We were given a project manager who quickly got to work planning a new lighting scheme for the existing hall and for the new room we were planning. One of my requests which I asked for tongue-in-cheek, not believing that Utilitywise would be able to help was for dimmable strip lighting, the holy grail in social lighting. I couldn't believe it when Utilitywise informed me that they had managed to find them for me. They had knowledge of the first generation of low energy lights that are dimmable, and were only just available on the market.
"As well as a lighting solution, Utilitywise also advised us on heating for the new area. After doing the calculations, they recommended we installed modern radiant heaters in the new room (although we had gas in the existing hall) as the room would require instant use, and radiant heaters could provide heat instantly and cost effectively.

"All in all the renovation project took 18 months, throughout which we had the same point of contact at Utilitywise. Even though she moved jobs half way through the project, our project manager got permission to keep on working with us, despite changing roles at the company, making things so much easier.

"The whole process was extremely smooth, thanks to Utilitywise's support for the project and the room works brilliantly and more efficiently than I could have hoped for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Utilitywise."

Parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Seaham, Durham

Father Frank McCullagh has been involved with Utilitywise for four years regarding three separate church properties.

"Utilitywise was recommended by the team at the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, so I thought there was no harm in getting them to take a look at our gas and electricity contracts. The Utilitywise team looked at the situation as it was, very accurately and very much in detail, and scouted the market to find out what was best for our needs. They then recommended the supplier who could meet our needs at the best cost. They have done this a number of times for us now, consistently offering sound business advice and always leading to a significant lowering of costs.

"Dealing with power companies isn't a language that everyone speaks fluently. If you're acting on your own, utility companies can assume you're stupid and treat you accordingly. With Utilitywise acting for you they can't pull the same stunts. By acting on your behalf, Utilitywise can empower you hugely in quite a complex environment.

"Working with Utilitywise takes all of the hassle out of dealing with suppliers like cases when they can't be bothered to take accurate metre reading and then end up wildly over or underestimating your usage and causing all manner of problems.

"All the Utilitywise individuals I have worked with have been very prompt in dealing with any issue raised. All have exhibited a personal touch, being careful and polite and helpful on the phone or in writing , or even face to face when that was necessary.

"I would have no hesitation recommending Utilitywise to anybody that is seriously looking for the most efficient package for energy use. There is no cost to the client so there really is nothing to lose by giving them a shot I'm certainly keen to enthuse my fellow clergy to give Utilitywise a try".

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