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Church Community Builder (CCB) Upgrades Check-In Solution

Adds iPad interface, text paging, and sleek new look

One of the most important operational needs a church faces is keeping up with who is in the building, who is coming to events, and who is responsible for picking up children after the service. With Church Community Builder’s (CCB) newly designed Check-In Solution, churches can know who is walking in and out of the doors.

When new families visit a church for the first time, one of the first things they look for is a safe and secure environment for their children. A bad impression in this area could overrule a good impression everywhere else. “The new CCB Check-In will help churches provide a high level of confidence to their families, while decreasing long wait times and frustrating bottlenecks,” says Steve Caton, VP of sales and marketing. “Better yet, the user experience is so intuitive and easy, volunteers are able to remain focused on warmly greeting and helping parents instead of wrestling with complicated technology.”

CCB’s updated Check-In Solution is specifically designed for touch screens and portable devices such as the iPad. With the addition of text message paging, leaders of an event can easily and discreetly contact a parent during the worship service if they need their assistance with a child or if there is an emergency.

A critical new feature of the updated Check-In Solution is the ability to record who has picked up a child and when. This is a major benefit for those who need to provide an audit trail for security purposes. “This check-out feature, along with so many of the new enhancements, are the direct result of the amazing feedback we have received from over 2,000 churches around the globe,” says Caton. “At the end of the day we wanted to provide new tools that would help our churches more easily focus on serving the people God leads through their doors.”

For more information, please visit http://www.churchcommunitybuilder.com/checkin/

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