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CCB Launches New RSS Features on Socially-Driven Church Management Solution

Church Community Builder (CCB), a web-based church management solution (ChMS), is incorporating social networking capabilities that allow for more access and better control of how information is shared with church members and leaders. Most recently, CCB has added RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) to make it possible for busy church leaders to stay connected and informed about what is going on in their church.

“CCB offers powerful tools to help your members stay connected to their groups and to each other. However, we know that people get busy and don’t always remember to log in to their church community on a regular basis. RSS will fix this and make it extremely easy for church leaders to stay in communication with the ministries that they are a part of,” says Steve Caton, VP of sales and marketing for CCB.

By subscribing to an RSS feed, your staff and members can be alerted to what’s happening in their Groups (specific sections of CCB such as women’s ministry, worship, prayer requests, or whatever group your church wishes to set up) while they are reading emails in Microsoft Outlook or surfing the Internet. Whenever a new event gets added to the calendar, a new comment is posted to a message board, a new file gets uploaded to the group, or a new task or volunteer position is added, people will be immediately notified through their RSS feeds. If they want to learn more, they simply click on the link provided and are directed to their private online community. Now users won’t have to remember to log in, they will be proactively reminded according to their specific desires.

Because CCB is focused on security, RSS feeds are provided through secure connections, so information can’t be seen by prying eyes. Furthermore, each feed requires authentication so you can be sure that only members who are in the group are the ones seeing the information. Should a member leave the church, or be removed from a group, they will no longer continue to receive the updates.

For more information visit www.churchcommunitybuilder.com or to speak with someone at Church Community Builder about this and other valuable functionality, email sales@churchcommunitybuilder.com or call 1-866-242-1199.

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