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Brush and Clean New Hybrid PRO Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner

Brush and Clean http://www.brushandclean.com, a leading manufacturer of commercial carpet and upholstery dry cleaning systems, announces the release of their new Hybrid Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Available in two models, the Pro Hybrid 35 and 45, the new cleaner is designed to effectively clean both hard flooring and carpet. The innovative system utilizes counter-rotating brushes to scrub and actively lift dirt, grime and cleaning compound to instantly produce dry, clean surfaces in buildings and new construction projects.

An cost-effective solution for commercial spaces that have both carpet and hard floors such as offices and buildings, the Hybrid Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner’s unique all-in-one design offers versatility with its ability to clean profiled floors, PVC, tile, grout, natural stone, rubberized, and non-slip safety floors, as well as carpet. The system is offered in two sizes with cleaning capacities of up to 6,000 square feet/ hr on carpets and 9,000 square feet/ hr of hard floors. The capacities can be doubled by “twinning” the machines.

NoVac Technology

Unlike most carpet cleaning equipment that requires separate, heavy equipment that soaks the carpet and then leave tracks over the carpet as they clean, Brush and Clean’s equipment uses no vacuums and requires no long, obtrusive hoses to be dragged through the residence, office or facility. It requires less storage, less cleaning of the equipment, less labor to operate and less downtime.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Safe for all types of carpet fiber, the Hybrid Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner helps prevent mold and mildew development that can lead to poor building air quality by thoroughly cleaning carpet without excess moisture. Because carpets remain dry, there are also no watermarks or streaks or need to move heavy furniture. Residue is minimal, pile is restored, and carpet can be immediately walked on after cleaning. The system’s cleaning compound consists of renewable, natural materials that are pH-neutral, non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of phosphates. Soiled dry compound is picked up by the machine’s renovator attachment or can also be vacuumed up.

Hard Floor Cleaning

For cleaning hard floor, the two counter-rotating brushes provide scrubbing action to lift grime and dirty water, which are collected into the renovator attachment. Brushes are available for a variety of floor surfaces. The hard floor cleaning degreasing and cleaning compound is a cost-saving, environmentally-friendly powder that dissolves in cold or hot water at the site of cleaning. Like the carpet cleaning compound, it is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic.

For a free information kit on Brush and Clean’s Equipment and Solutions for Buildings and Construction, please visit:


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