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4 Tips to a Successful Church Beautification Project

4 Tips to a Successful Church Beautification Project

The church provides the supplies and instructions, while volunteers provide the elbow grease. Here are a few tips for a successful project day.

Periodically our church facilities need a bit of sprucing up.  If you walk through your campus and focus on the details, you're likely to notice weeds in the landscaping, chipped paint, frayed carpet, and other areas for improvement. 

These tasks typically don't require a considerable budget to fix.  The bigger concern is the labor involved in the process.  One way to address this is by inviting people to volunteer for a church beautification day. 

The church provides the supplies and instructions, while volunteers provide the elbow grease.  Here are a few tips for a successful project day:

Tip #1: Develop a plan

Walk through your campus and document what you need to fix or spruce up.  This list could include:

Remove weeds
Add new mulch to flower beds and around trees
Plant flowers
Prune bushes and trees
Repaint the nursery, children's areas, and various classrooms
Replace or repair frayed carpet

Determine what supplies you'll need for each task and if you already have those on-hand or will need to purchase them.  Consider whether you can finish all of the tasks in a single day or will need to finish one before you can start another. 

For example: It might be best to let paint dry in a classroom before replacing the carpet in that same room.

Next, estimate how many volunteers you'll need for each task and if you need volunteers with specific skillsets.

Finally, create a schedule for the day including when you need volunteers to arrive, who will lead each team of volunteers, where you'll stage supplies, etc.  If this project will last all-day, provide lunch, water, and snacks for those participating.

Tip #2: Invite volunteers early

Now that you have a plan developed, you're probably ready to get started right away.  However, it's best to announce this project and ask people to sign up at least 3-4 weeks beforehand.  This gives people time to consider their schedules and find a way to participate if possible.

Tip #3: Organize the day

Respect the time of those who've signed up to help by having an organized plan for the day.  Ask all volunteers to check-in at a central location on campus and then have team leaders take their volunteers to the place they're assigned to work on.  You should already have all the supplies set out at each station with water and snacks available as well. 

Make sure your team leaders know what their teams need to do and get their volunteers started right away. 

These team leaders could be staff members or key volunteer leaders you've already met with about this project.  Walk around and check on each team to see if they need anything throughout the day.  Set a time for everyone to enjoy lunch together as well.  Make this a fun atmosphere that gets the work done but also provides volunteers with a chance to get to know each other.  Let teams know they're welcome to stay and help others when they finish their tasks or they can head home whatever works best for them.

Tip #4: Appreciate your volunteers

You'll likely have this church beautification project on weekday evenings or on a Saturday, so take a minute during the next Sunday's services to thank your volunteers.  Also, send out thank you cards to each volunteer the week after. 

Post before and after pictures of various areas on your church's Facebook page or Instagram account and thank the teams who participated.  This lets your volunteers know how much you appreciate their work and may encourage others to volunteer for similar projects in the future.

A church beautification day can not only result in a better environment for Sunday services but it can also provide volunteers with a great experience serving and a chance to make new friends. 

By planning the day and setting up your volunteers for success, you'll make that possible for everyone involved.


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