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Drum mics
Among the more challenging setups in a house of worship environment relating to microphones, is when setting up for drums.

Worship Tech Director Article in 2018 on Mic Placement 2nd Most Read

Among the more than 200 Worship Tech Director articles that posted to the site throughout 2018, an article on microphone placement was the second most read piece.

As the first week of 2019 winds down, we continue to look at the top articles that ran through 2018 for Worship Tech Director, over the 12 months of last year. So far, having looked at through the third through fifth most popular pieces of 2018, it's time to take a look at an article posted less than five months ago, and has pulled in more than 4,000 pageviews already, second highest of the more than 200 Worship Tech Director pieces that posted to the site last year.

This article, was a piece looked closely at microphone placement.

In a piece dated, August 22, by Doug Gould, who serves as a specialist that educates and trains church worship and tech teams on the best practices of audio and music technology., “Mic Design, Placement: A Simple Recipe for Great Sounding Drums,” the piece noted how “II still marvel at how a church will often spend an inordinate amount of money seeking to fix a problem with the wrong approach,” particularly when it comes to drums and microphones. Since the article posted, it has garnered more than 4,600 pageviews, second most among Worship Tech Director articles for last year.

Throughout the piece that can viewed here, it also looked into various microphone setups and the purpose of opting for that specific setup.

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