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This year will be the first time that we have held WFX in the same city two years in a row.

Why WFX Still Excites Me

This year's WFX will be my fifth one and, believe it or not, I still love my job. Not too many people can say that nowadays, but it's true. I'm not saying that there aren't days when I have the fierce "get out of my way" look on my face. However, more often than not, I'm smiling and laughing throughout the day as I get to interact with some of the coolest, smartest, best people in the Church Worlda team that has helped me figure out how we are going to pull off:

Inspiring and educational conference sessions for every church staff member, whether they be pastors, administrators, facility managers, building committee members, or directors/teams for tech, media and worship.
Incredible keynote presentations given by thought leaders and pastors from across the country.

  • Hands-On Training classes that actually let you get on equipment while learning from top instructors.
  • A Tech Leaders Retreat led by talented tech directors from some of the biggest churches in the country (e.g. Saddleback, Willow Creek, North Coast, LifeChurch.tv, etc.) who help lead the Church Technical Leaders group (www.churchtechleaders.org).
  • A rockin' Night of Worship.
  • An awards program that recognizes the best and most innovative technology products and building providers in the church marketplace.
  • Did I mention that we will also have 225+ vendors, all of whom have the latest and greatest services and equipment, on the expo hall floor? And thankfully, my brilliant and talented colleagues will handle that portion of the event so I can focus on WFX's education component.

As some of you may know, this year will be the first time that we have held WFX in the same city two years in a row. Rest assured, it won't be the same show as last year. Sure, we'll have the proverbial bread and butter sessions that teach the basics, but we'll also have a major change in our programming.

This year, we will offer a more guided approach to the way attendees learn with the institution of a series of Learning Modules. You will still be able to attend whichever session you choose, and there is no registration required for these Learning Modules.

Let's take the Operations Learning Module as an example. You will have the opportunity to attend a series of sessions that cover:

  • Finance/Administration
  • Forecasting/Budgeting
  • Emergency Planning
  • Capital Campaigns/Fundraising
  • Preventing Child Abuse

However, if you decide that you would rather build your own curriculum and skip a couple of these sessions and instead attend sessions in the Multi-Site/Portable Churches or Building Design/Projects Learning Modules instead, that is absolutely fine. They are simply our way of helping you and your team focus on your specific topics of interest.

I truly enjoy my job because every year is different, and every year I get to play a small role in connecting people so they can share their experiences and knowledge to help other churches and ultimately focus on the real point of all of thisfulfilling the Great Commission.

For all of that, I sincerely thank the entire team of people who make this all possiblethe attendees who come to learn, the speakers who share their knowledge and expertise, the advisory board members who so generously donate so much of their time, and our entire internal events team.

Thank you for letting me be a part of WFX. You are all amazing.

Alexandra Kiefer

Conference Director


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