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Michael Edgar Myers
Michael Edgar Myers speaks at a conference recently, speaking to attendees. Myers will be a speaker at WFX REACH, which will be held in Chula Vista, California, on May 21-22, 2019.

WFX REACH: An Opportunity to Share, Learn In A Church Setting

Among the various speakers set for the event on May 21-22, is Michael Edgar Myers, who has served in performance ministry, and is the founding director of Kingdom Impact Theater Ministries.


In a little more than three months, there will be the opportunity to spend two days at an ideal church team training event, WFX REACH, which this year will be held at C3 San Diego’s campus in Chula Vista, California.

As an extension of the annual WFX Conference & Expo, WFX REACH provides an excellent learning experience spread over a couple of days, held in a church setting.

For church staffs and volunteers seeking to get to the next level for their churches, sessions at C3 San Diego will run across the educational tracks of Communications, Church Buildings (Projects & Construction, Facilities Operations & Management, Safety & Security) and Tech Arts (Audio, Lighting, Video).

Among the session speakers that have already been confirmed for the May 21-22 conference, include Michael Edgar Myers, a longtime writer for Worship Tech Director. For more than 25 years, Myers has also served in performance ministry, and is the founding director of Kingdom Impact Theater Ministries, using music, theater as well as multimedia to inspire Christ followers in their walk with Jesus Christ.

To register for the event, click the following link.

Myers, who previously has hosted sessions at a WFX REACH event in 2017, will return to lead a session in the San Diego-area event. “The crux of the session will be getting the different disciplines together, to understand the different impact that they have together,” he noted. “The creative people, the musicians, the pastors, and the tech people, together there is often a tension between them, and that’s not a good tension.”

That “tension” adds up to where there is a concern often by various members of the staff or volunteers, about what is on their plate for each of the Sunday services, relating to how “specific responsibilities that are different, with a different perspective on how we take our gifts individually to reach the people outside the building.”

Michael Edgar Myers

Myers speaks during a recent workshop.

For those members of church staffs and volunteers considering attending WFX REACH, Myers recalled his previous experiences with the event, stating, “What I really enjoyed was meeting a cross section of people across the country, and talking to them about similar issues, to share stories of being on staff. It’s an environment that encourages sharing back and forth, and to have some fun.”

While there are larger conferences that potential attendees can opt to go to, the benefit of making it to WFX REACH is that with a smaller event, it “provides more time for personal interaction, and a chance to meet new people. Also, if there you have two or three from your church (attending WFX REACH), you can go to a session as an ensemble and share the experience. Or each of you can go to different sessions, and then compare (what you have learned from each of those different sessions).

By hosting the event at the Chula Vista, California campus of C3 San Diego, the hundreds of WFX REACH attendees have a prime opportunity, interacting with others “to have likeminded conversations,” explained Myers. At such an event, he’s been able to benefit from meeting face-to-face with others where they had "met" at first through being part of the same Facebook group. From there, “You can have some coffee and go deeper into some conversations,” a change of pace for staff members who otherwise might find themselves limited to connections either within their community or even just solely within their church. By meeting with staff members and volunteers from other churches, one can learn about how “some things can be done differently, and that with similar resources, they might be having the same problems. While we might be banging our heads on the wall every week because of particular problem, we might find out that it isn’t that bad of a problem (compared to other potential issues facing other churches).”

Michael Edgar Myers

During a recent workshop, Michael Edgar Myers explains a point to attendees.

Myers’ hope for those who attend WFX REACH, is that “people can come away to where they can openly discuss new ways in engaging that issue and improving communication between staff members. That’s a very critical thing for tech and creatives to do. Tech people have one language and creatives have their own as well. How do we come together, while improving our spiritual health, and learning to operate equipment too?”

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