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Among the sessions to be held at WFX REACH in Chula Vista, California this May, will be a session lead by Ryan Brenneman, “Reaching a Community Through Video Production."

WFX REACH An Opportunity For Growing Churches to Learn

Tech directors, tech team members, executive pastors, and other church staff can attend WFX REACH to sit in on educational sessions featuring topics ranging from tech arts, buildings, and communications.

In a little more than two months’ time, it will be an excellent time to “fulfill your team’s calling,” by spending two days at the C3 San Diego campus in Chula Vista, California.

This church team training event, coordinated to be held on a church campus, provides an excellent opportunity to see first-hand the affordable and cutting-edge solutions that can prove to be worthwhile to be used within your church.

For the tech directors, tech team members, executive pastors, and other church staff that will be attending WFX REACH in a few weeks, the focus of the educational sessions will range from tech arts (audio, video, lighting), church buildings (projects and construction, facilities operation and management, along with safety and security) and communications.

For those interested in sending a group to WFX REACH, every fourth attendee can register for free, with each of the first three attendees, to cost just $179 each. Also, for any senior pastor or executive pastor who will be attending, access with a full conference pass will be free.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked in detail about Samuel Deuth - who with his wife and two daughters, are on the pastoral/preaching team at C3 San Diego - will be a keynote speaker at WFX REACH, and among the many session speakers at the conference, will be Michael Edgar Myers, a longtime contributor for Worship Tech Director.

In addition to those intriguing elements to the conference, will be various tech track sessions, including a pair that will be led by Doug Gould, a writer for Worship Tech Director, and who serves as a specialist who educates and trains church worship and tech teams on the best practices of audio and music technology.

Another Worship Tech Director writer who will be leading sessions will be Ryan Brenneman, with a session, “Reaching a Community Through Video Production,” along with other notable Tech Arts sessions at WFX REACH, “Making a good first video impression -- How guests experience your church through the lens of the camera 24/7,” “Creativity, Cables and Chaos: The Art of Organizing Your Production/Media Ministry,” and “AVL Master Planning for Churches Large and Small.”

We’d love to see you at WFX REACH this May, so make sure to register to the conference after checking out the WFX REACH website. If you are a church leader, whether an executive pastor, facilities manager, technical director or even a volunteer for your church, WFX REACH is an ideal event to attend to help you on your path to continuing to grow your church.

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