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Adrian Gates
During the WFX Conference & Expo in Dallas in 2017, Adrian Gates speaks during a session, "Creating Videos and Graphics Using Stock Resources."

WFX Conference & Expo: A Transformation Forged in Tandem with Conference

From attendee, to speaker, to writer, to becoming a leader among his peers and WFX advisor.

I really look forward to the WFX Conference & Expo every year. It has been essential to helping me grow and mature as a leader and a minister. 

Whether we work at a big, established, traditional church or a recently opened modern church, we have so much in common.

Additionally, it has come to serve as a measuring stick for that growth, like a height chart on the inside of a door frame. Each year as I prepare for the conference, I think about the previous year and how much has changed in my ministry over that time.  

New Partners 

Our church facility at Crossroads Community Church in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, has gone through many changes over the past three years.


At Crossroads, the church has been through several phases of a sound system upgrade, lighting upgrades, and security improvements. Many related discussions started or took a momentous turn at a WFX conference. Why? It’s because we got to meet with the experts, some of whom became our partners. We got to see, touch and play with the latest products, helping us arrive at the best decision. 

Years later, I’m still in touch with many of the various vendors who I have met at these WFX events. 

New Friends

We’re all brothers and sisters working in the ministry, and we all have special vocations, be it pastor, musician, technician, or facility manger.

Whether we work at a big, established, traditional church or a recently opened modern church, we have so much in common. I’ve met some very close friends in the ministry. We check on each other professionally and spiritually and we look forward to meeting up at WFX. 

Sometimes it feels like we don’t have anyone to turn to when we have problems.

When confronted with a technical issue, as the leader of your ministry, one may find that they are the most qualified person one knows in their community. At WFX, though, I know that there will be people who know more than me, who have seen more than me, and most importantly, who are willing to talk to me.

By that same token, I’m also looking forward to meeting people who might be struggling with issues that I’ve had in the past. Whether you are just starting out or entering your 40th year in ministry, we all have something to teach, and each of us has a unique perspective to share. 

When the problems aren’t technical, and they are spiritual, professional, or developmental, it can be hard to feel like anyone in your church understands you. Or it can be difficult to have a conversation about your career path with your spiritual leaders, when those leaders are also your bosses.

At WFX, you can certainly find some objective insight.  

New Inspirations 

I’ve changed quite a bit too since my first WFX conference in 2017, WFX REACH in Raleigh, North Carolina. When I first attended that conference, I was the Media Director at Crossroads.

This year, things have changed in that I recently became the Operations Director at my church.

WFX has been very helpful in making this transition.

I always loved sound and lighting and the technical trades, but WFX has helped me to learn about facilities, security, architecture and building systems. 

As I’m trying to digest all the different aspects of this new position, I’m really looking forward to seeing this year’s conference from a new perspective. Just as I have in years past, I’m looking forward to taking in a blank notebook and filling it up with names, session notes and ideas. 

I’m really looking forward to going to the conference this year: For the opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones. For a time to share ideas and hear the latest news. 

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