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WFX Conference & Expo: McElroy To Offer Multiple Learning Opportunities

With McElroy's expertise, learn in Orlando about how to create worship environments using tools such as environmental projection.

As an ideal opportunity to “reach people,” this November at the WFX Conference & Expo in Orlando will feature as its keynote speaker for the tech arts conference, Luke McElroy, the founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company of TripleWide Media. In addition to serving as a keynote speaker, McElroy will also serve as a session speaker for three additional sessions at the Orange County Convention Center.

The conference, which will be held from November 13-15, is slated to have more than 150 sessions, and more than 100 speakers over the three full days. 

With the wide variety of session choices on hand in Orlando, there will be much more beyond those focused in tech arts, with individual conferences also focused on buildings, church communications, church safety, worship. 

For those interested in attending any of the other three of McElroy’s workshops, one will focus on environmental projection, “Environmental Projection 101: Creating An Immersive Worship Atmosphere with Environmental Projection on a Budget.” This session will work to unpack the building blocks to implement your own EP (or multiscreen) system, showing the most budget friendly ways to achieve it. 

As one of the leading voices when it relates to environmental projection and its use in worship spaces, his session, “Environmental Projection 101,” is best suited for those “interested in learning about multiscreen video technology or curious how to add environmental projection into their worship environments.” Oftentimes, the perception is that the topic is “too technical” for beginners, but he assured that a focus of the session was to ensure that it be “a very beginner-friendly class.” 

For those able to attend, McElroy noted that they “will be able to leave this class and install their own environmental projection system right away.” 

Another of McElroy’s sessions, “Unleashing Your Creative Potential,” will have him team up with Stephen Brewster, formerly of Cross Point Church, as they will discuss the four core biblical principles tied to getting the most out of one’s creative potential. 

Lastly, McElroy’s third workshop session, “Resolume Arena 6 in Worship,” will look to software and its abilities related to pixel mapping and creating projection mapped outputs to create powerful worship environments. 

And don’t forget to attend McElroy’s keynote speech, “Confidence in the Call,” scheduled for Nov. 14, beginning at 10:30, which will look at how the Cross intersects your God-given purpose for this world as you unleash your creative and technical potential. 

Labeled as one of the “top innovators for worship” by Worship Leader Magazine, McElroy works tirelessly to exemplify a heart for creativity, and a passion for people. 

Aside from the work with Orange Thread Media, McElroy has authored a number of books, most recently, “Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling,” released this month. 

With the expertise that McElroy has in creating live environments that have benefited thousands of churches across the globe, along with his work for events such as the Catalyst Conference or shows like American Idol. 

With the choices such as the three workshops led by McElroy and the more than 150 other workshops that will be on the schedule in Orlando from November 13-15, we’d love to see you at the largest event of its kind, dedicated to church team training. 

REGISTER NOW for the WFX Conference & Expo, slated for Nov. 13-15 in Orlando this year.


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