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Elation webinar
Register for tomorrow's webinar (November 29, 2018), "Using Lighting as Tools to Create Great Moments."

Using Lighting as Tools to Create Great Moments

In this webcast, sponsored by Elation, lighting expert Nathan Tomberlin discusses working with the right tools to design memorable moments.

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Guided by webinar presenter Nathan Tomberlin, the integration sales manager for intyde, he will spend some time discussing an overview of the project at the Chattanooga, Tennessee church, Redemption to the Nations, one of the fastest growing churches in the country. The project featured a recent renovation of its 2,000-seat sanctuary, and included a new Elation intelligent lighting system, spec’d, designed, and installed by intyde. The site of the church’s current campus was purchased in 2014 and required extensive renovation to a number of the buildings, particularly the main worship auditorium. The Elation system is comprised of 21 Platinum Spot IIIs, 18 ACL360i fixtures, 14 Platinum Sevens, 12 SixBar 500s, seven Satura Profiles, along with 27 Colour 5 Profiles (with a 26-degree lens), and additional six with 36-degree lenses.


In addition, Tomberlin will talk during this webcast, presented and sponsored by Elation, about how one can work to create great moments with the right tools.

With the help of such tools, there are numerous ways to design unforgettable experiences for your church’s congregation. Recognize that light not only illuminates the spiritual connection to faith, but also helps in setting the mood in the worship space, while also building drama and focusing attention.

By registering for this webinar, there will be many elements of value to the viewer, ranging from learning all the benefits that LED lighting can offer houses of worship, how to best merge church lighting with theatrical lighting, and how to balance between design and function. In addition, learn about creating great moments in your worship service, using your existing lighting tools, all while discovering how to produce a more even front wash with fewer lights. For churches looking to rent lighting fixtures for special events, particularly with Christmas around the corner, the webinar will delve into that topic as well.

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