Space Quickly Transformed for Worship At WFX

With an estimated 1,000 WFX attendees on hand for the worship session, the space had been completely transformed in short order, in large part to the work of AE Global and Mega Systems.

For the many hundreds who attended either of the two worship sessions during the two days of the WFX Conference and Expo in Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, what was rather impressive was how quickly the ballroom space was transformed into a worship space.

As noted by Donnie Haulk, the CEO of AE Global Media, the space had been an empty, carpeted room just 48 hours prior to the morning's worship session on Wednesday, October 11.

For the estimated 1,000 WFX attendees who took part in the worship session, the space had been completely transformed in short order, in large part to the work of AE Global Media and Mega Systems. The setup as configured offered a view to each attendee into the ministry tools that are available for the contemporary churches of today.

Among the many items that helped achieve such a worthwhile worship space for each of the attendees, were various pieces of lighting equipment, including a series of PR Lighting Phantom 440 and XRLED 4022 spots, along with XLED 3007 moving heads, Mega-Lite Nova Lite WW150 Static White LED Lights, T200 Static Color LED Lights, Drama Strip P840 Multidirectional Strip Fixtures, Mega View Phantom Panel 3.9mm Pitch LED Panels, Xbar LED RGB Strobes, XL Strobe RGB and XL Strobes, Tuff Baby Q60 static LED lights, Color Pac 150 N RGBW LEDs, along with a new addition to their product line, the Piccolo Blinder 120 moving head.

Many of these lighting fixtures were mounted throughout the space thanks to TAF's Bolted truss and base plates, either on the worship space's stage, or elsewhere in the space.

The worship sessions during each of the two days were by far the largest gatherings on site at the conference, which totaled nearly 3,700 registrants over the course of the conference. Next year, the conference is slated to be held Tuesday, Nov. 13 and Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Orlando, Florida, at the Orange County Convention Center.


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