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Sermon series
A view of one of six sermon series from Sunday, March 3, across the state of California.

Sampling of Sermon Series, March 3, California

In a look at some of the sermon series across the country each and every week, Worship Tech Director begins by highlighting six series from California churches.

As a new feature from Worship Tech Director, we will begin reviewing sermon series across the country that catch our eye. Each week, we will highlight five different sermon series from a specific state.

With WFX REACH a little more than two months from now in Chula Vista, California (May 21-22), the first state we decided to feature is California.

Also, each of the sermon series will be from the prior Sunday, which in this first turn has each from Sunday, March 3.

We’d love to hear what you think of each of the sermon series. We made sure that each of the topics covered in each of the sermon series is unique from the others. The C3 San Diego sermon series can be accessed by way of the link at the bottom of the article.

Family Community Church, Bay Area, San Jose (David, Part 1), 50:41

March 3, 2019




Christ’s Church of the Valley, San Dimas (There is More), 47:28

March 3, 2019




High Desert Church, Victorville (Sermon on the Mount), 43:31

March 3, 2019




Saddleback Church, Lake Forest (Choosing to Manage My Mind), 32:17

March 3, 2019




Crossroads Christian Church, Corona (The 8 Big Emotions, Compassion), 40:35

March 3, 2019




C3 San Diego, Chula Vista (Outflow), 43:18

March 3, 2019



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