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Opus Lighting Acquires All Assets of Gel Services, Inc.

Opus Lighting, led by Principal, Brandon James, has announced the acquisition of Gel Services, Inc. (GSI) and all of its assets.

Colorado Springs, CO—Opus Lighting, led by Principal, Brandon James, has announced the acquisition of Gel Services, Inc. (GSI) and all of its assets. GSI’s business operations, which ceased operations as of March 31, 2019, were moved to Opus Lighting as of April 1, 2019. GSI customers can immediately contact Opus Lighting for customer service and purchasing needs.

Opus Lighting, which opened for business in March of 2008, has long been supporting the many companies that had made large investments in Wybron equipment by providing a color string production service. “When I heard that GSI would be closing, I thought that this was a unique opportunity to strengthen our business and continue supporting people who still rely on color scroller technology,” explained James. “We will be supporting all existing color string orders that were outstanding with GSI’s customers and want to show them that they can rely on getting quality work and on-time delivery from Opus Lighting.”

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, James is well known for his extensive lighting industry knowledge, especially in the area of color scrollers. He is dedicated to the idea that Opus Lighting produces the highest caliber products while offering superior customer service. "We have been running full speed ever since we got our first order on March 1, 2008,” he said. “We have a facility in Colorado Springs that houses our offices and assembly operations and our entire team is looking forward to meeting the scroller needs of GSI’s customers. We understand the importance of time, quality, and customer satisfaction," explains James. “Opus has always worked to not just meet but exceed my customers, and in turn, their clients' expectations.”

Opus Lighting can produce color strings for the entire range of color scrollers available in the industry from the range of different manufacturers. "We make color strings with all of the major manufacturers’—Rosco, GAM, Lee Filters, and Apollo—color filters,” explains James. “Our gel boards create precision cuts, guaranteeing the desired specifications of the customer. We have the experience and the understanding assembling the different elements, which needs to be done perfectly and always use the right materials to ensure the scrollers work properly and consistently. Accuracy and attention to detail are important to making a superior quality product and that is what is produced at Opus Lighting. And because time is critical in this industry, we offer overnight fabrication and shipping of color strings while still guaranteeing the quality of the strings."

To place an order from, or learn more about Opus Lighting, please go to: www.opuslightinginc.com or via email at brandon@opuslightinginc.com.

About Opus Lighting
Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Opus Lighting is based upon years of service and commitment to the lighting industry. Known for their superior service and fast turnaround of high-quality color strings for color scrollers, Opus Lighting is committed to supporting its clients and their productions—no matter where in the world they are located.

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