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Drums in church
How can one effectively implement drums in worship?

Most Read Article for Worship Tech Director in 2018: Drum Volume

For 2018, the most read Worship Tech Director article surpassed 6,500 pageviews, on the topic of drum volume.

With 2018 having concluded a little more than a week ago, we had done a rundown of the top five most read articles, up until the one that had been seen by the most number of Worship Tech Director readers.

Today’s the day to roll out the top honors among the more than 200-plus articles written over the last calendar year, by a variety of 60 writers, some who have written for the site since late 2015, when Worship Tech Director came into being.

The article with nearly 6,500 pageviews in not even three months? An article looking at how to overcome drum volume problems by Grant Norsworthy, that published to the site on October 5, 2018, titled “Drum Volume Problems: The Case Against Shields, Enclosures.

Of the five articles, it was one of four that was focused on audio issues and solutions for houses of worship.

The piece, written by Grant Norsworthy, someone who works closely with church musicians as the content developer and principal instructor for More Than Music Mentor, discussed how “most common solutions - the things that (just about) everyone is doing to “solve” the problem - are not the best solutions.”

Since the article posted to the site here, it garnered 6,556 pageviews, through to the end of the year, the most read article on the whole Worship Facilities site for the second half of the year.

Further, Norsworthy noted how it was his “firm belief that church congregations - regular people - are most warmly invited to sing worshipfully to God by way of the fundamental, primal musicality of singing and - “hit stuff make noises” - the drums.




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