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Daryl Sutton and Daniel Connell To Exchange Lighting Perspectives At WFX

Daryl Sutton and Daniel Connell To Exchange Lighting Perspectives At WFX

ORLANDO – (For Immediate Release) – Installing a new lighting rig at a church, or expanding an old one, can involve some twists and turns. Daryl Sutton and Daniel Connell, two highly regarded worship lighting figures, help demystify this process in a WFX learning session entitled, “Lighting Perspectives: An Idea Exchange on Making Lighting Decisions.”

Sponsored by CHAUVET Professional, the session takes place at WFX Demo Room 221-B on Wednesday November 14 from 4-4:45 PM. The session will provide a real-world in-depth look at the critical issues a house of worship faces when making lighting decisions. 

Taking place in a relaxed  setting, the session will feature Sutton and Connell interviewing one another about key lighting questions. Each of the two participants will approach these questions from a different perspective: Sutton, the National Worship Resource Manager at Chauvet, as a supplier; Connell, who has earned widespread acclaim for his production work at Tulsa’s Church on the Move and other houses of worship, as a lighting and production designer.

The topics the two will cover will range from the detailed, such as,  “What are the benefits of off axis single key lighting?” to the more general, like,  “What are the most common mistakes ministries make in lighting?” Questions will also be taken from the audience in this far-ranging idea exchange.  

“Daniel and I are super excited to do this,” said Sutton. “We view this session as an opportunity to provide an overview of the different things that go into making the lighting purchase and installation process successful. We won’t be pushing any specific products. Our goal is to give people a perspective that they can take back to their churches with them.”

This sentiment is echoed by Connell:  “I have worked with Daryl for more than 15 years and have a great deal of respect for his expertise. He’s been involved in a great many worship lighting projects. I believe that having the two of us exchange ideas from our different perspectives will provide people with some valuable insights they can use in their own lighting projects.”


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