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CHAUVET Professional Roadshow Unleashes the “Force of Nature”

CHAUVET Professional Roadshow Unleashes the “Force of Nature”

SUNRISE, FL – Spring is the season when the forces of nature assert themselves most conspicuously.  This makes it an ideal time for CHAUVET Professional to roll out its aptly named Force of Nature Roadshow, a multi-city tour that provides lighting professionals with the opportunity to get hands on experience with some of the latest touring fixtures, pick up busking tips, and exchange ideas with top LDs in the field. 

Starting March 17 at KDS One Studio in Orlando, the Force of Nature Roadshow will also include stops on March 19 in Atlanta at Bright Screen Studio, on March 24 in Nashville at Soundcheck and March 26 in Chicago at Stage Space Studios.  More dates will be added throughout the spring and summer.

“The idea behind the roadshow is to provide lighting professionals with a neutral space where they can get a comprehensive look at our latest products,” said Brad Haynes, National Resource Manager of Concert and Touring at CHAUVET Professional. “It’s as if we are bringing a trade show to people in their own markets with some added value for their time with great speakers, learning sessions and takeaways.” 

In addition to providing an in-depth look at CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures, including first time showings of some of the newest Maverick and Rogue fixtures, each road show event will include a “Better Busking with ChamSys” session.

Everyone who participates in the Force of Nature Roadshow will be able to have real hands-on demos of new products that will make a significant difference in their tour and festival designs.  The roadshow events, which are open all day from 10:30 am – 5:00 pm, will also provide lunch and refreshments, in addition to featuring learning sessions with professional guest speakers and an opportunity to network with colleagues in a friendly, relaxed setting. 

As for the name of the Roadshow itself -- the “Forces of Nature” appellation refers to the four natural creative elements: Fire, as demonstrated by the powerful Maverick touring fixtures; Water embodied the new IP65 products; Earth in the form of green eco-friendly LEDs; and Air, represented by advanced wireless solutions. Anyone who attends the Forces of Nature Roadshow is likely to agree that this metaphor applies very well to the creative power unleashed by the new generation of CHAUVET Professional products. 

For more information, or to register, Brad Haynes bhaynes@chauvetlighting.com

About CHAUVET Professional
CHAUVET Professional offers innovative professional lighting fixtures for the production and touring market as well as permanent installation in theaters, hospitality venues, cruise ships, clubs, television and architainment applications. For more information, please visit www.chauvetprofessional.com

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