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LED walls
Among the most popular Worship Tech Director articles of 2018, was an article that looked at the variation of standards for LED wall technology that was being shipped to the U.S., and other parts of the world.

The Best of the Best Worship Tech Director Pieces of 2018, Part 2

Among the most popular articles of 2018 involved a visit to China by Svard, where he learned how product shipped to Europe from three of those factories was built to the EMC standard, but not so for what was being shipped to the U.S.

With the last day of 2018 being today, we began looking at the top articles of 2018 on Friday. The fourth most popular article in the year that just finishsed, among more than 200 Worship Tech Director articles posted on the Worship Facilities website over the last 12 months, pulled in nearly 4,000 pageviews since it posted to the site in mid-February.

Of the five articles, four were either audio- or microphone-focused, with a fifth dealing with LED walls, which was the piece that finished fourth best.

In a piece dated, February 15, by Stefan Svard, founder and president of Audio Video Electronics, based in Maple Grove, Minnesota, an AVL systems integration company, titled, “The Hidden Secrets Behind the RF Bandit and Low-Cost Products,” it now how during a trip to China, and to visits to a few factories in the country, “Unfortunately, for the product that I saw in three factories probably more than 90 percent of what would soon be bound for the U.S., was not built to EMC, or even FCC, standards.”

Since the article posted to the webiste, it has garnered nearly 3,900 pageviews, fourth most among all Worship Tech Director articles for 2018.

While the FCC doesn't monitor the issue of RF noise within LED walls in this country at this time, if it did so, like is the case in Europe, one could find "it could mean that your $100,000 LED wall will not be able to be used anymore." Check out the full article here, if you haven’t had a chance to read it previously. Check back over the next few days to see what the other three articles were that earned the most attention throughout the 2018 calendar year, with those pieces by Grant Norsworthy and Doug Gould.

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