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Stellar Lighting Products Earn New Product Awards in 2018

With the top product of all this year being the Chauvet Professional Ovation E-930VW, there were four other lighting products that also earned top honors as New Product Award winners.

As part of the 2018 New Product Awards winners announced earlier this year, five of the 18 that earned recognition were lighting products.

New_Product_Awards_2018_small_190w_170h.jpgOf the five to tabbed with the honor, the one to earn the best lighting product among the seven entrants this year, was Chauvet Professional Ovation E-930VW.

The Ovation fixture projects a bright, beautifully flat field of light, doing so in nearly any temperature of white with high CRI and CQS.

Each color temperature can be further adjusted for +/- green to perfect the field of light. For those times when a splash of color is needed, the fixture can also provide full control of each color of LED as well.

Aside from the Ovation lighting fixture, other products earning New Product Awards in the video category were the ROE Visual Diamond 2.6 LED Video Display (interior), the ChamSys Quick Q20 compact lighting console, the Elation Professional Artiste Picasso moving light and the Froggy's Fog Poseidon A6 Ultrasonic Low Lying Fog Generator.

For the other four lighting products to win a New Product Award in 2018, the ROE Visual Diamond 2.6 stands out for their curving capabilities as part of concave and convex installations. The lightweight panels, each less than 10 pounds, can easily be assembled as part of a wall, thanks to magnets that snap individual panels together. With a pixel pitch of 2.6mm and with a max brightnesss of 1,500 nits, the Diamond 2.6 is a standout for house of worship settings.

For the ChamSys Quick Q20, the compact console offers a simple user interface along with a large touchscreen and an intuitive graphical interface. The console offers a control of an unlimited number of fixtures, only with a limit on the number of universes that are supported. For moving lights, the Elation Artiste Picasso is an impressive fixture, that features a new 620W 6,800K cool white LED engine, paired with a 23,000 total lumens output. Zoom capabilities offer a fast 7 degree to 55 degree zoom.

Lastly, the Poseidon A6 Ultrasonic Low Lying Fog Generator is hard to miss. On the exhibit flor at the Orange County Convention Center during the WFX Conference & Expo last month, the fog that it created had many attendees curious to check out this New Product Award winner. This unit stands out in creating low-lying fog hugging the floor, and created without without the use of cryogenics, refrigeration plants, or dry ice. The rugged chassis is designed for heavy-duty applications such as touring and can endure the rigors of use in the most demanding of applications. 

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