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Worship Facilities to Launch WFX REACH Conference in Chicago Area, May 2015

Worship Facilities to Launch WFX REACH Conference in Chicago Area, May 2015

Vice President of WFX and Worship Facilities Media, Jim Wagner, Announces First Regionally-based ConferenceWFX REACH

Over the years there has been an increasing desire, based upon numerous requests from church leadership, to bring the training, strategies and community of WFX to the regional level. We at Worship Facilities believe strongly now is the time to launch this exciting new platform. If we can bring educational opportunities to churches, who are seeking to harness our resources in an effort to reach more people with the Gospel, then we feel an obligation to make that happen."
In creating the concept for the WFX REACH Conferences, we wanted to encapsulate a unique experience that draws upon the nuances, talent and community of a specific area to establish a regionally appropriate eventone that motivates, inspires and trains church teams how to best utilize existing resources to successfully move forward in their ministry goals.

WFX REACH is a day and a half, highly engaging and educationally driven event for church teams. We encourage attendance from those who are seeking to grow their ministries by utilizing more effective technology and building usage strategies.  In addition, this is an event to gain professional training for Tech Leadership as well. At WFX REACH, teams will train and equip together so they can create, support or expand their ministries and building in a healthy and sustainable way.  At the end of event you will have more tools, support, clarity and training to return home and improve what you're doing—or thinking of doing—so that you can reach more people for Jesus.
Of course we developed a cheeky acronym to relate what we are accomplishing. And, why wouldn't we? It's a church event!

  • Relatable -Sessions are taught by people with a heart for the Church.
  • Equipping- Buildings and technology are part of today's ministryour training will assist you in making wise decisions.
  • Accessible-This program is designed for every church size and style, not just large ones.
  • Community-You'll mix with all types of churches because together we are stronger in striving towards the same goal.
  • Healthy- We want you and your ministries to maintain the health of your church as you grow.

I encourage you and your team to check out WFX REACH. We believe this is the type of training experience your church is seeking. We hope you will join us in Chicago this May.

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