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Using Evaluations Wisely For Better Sunday Services

Using Evaluations Wisely For Better Sunday Services

There are several vital keys in determining if your team is connecting with your congregation in your worship services.

Every good creative team shows up on Sunday with the hopes of a great experience.

We work all week to tweak, test, polish and refine to create an experience that will help people connect with God. By Sunday night, it's over. But how do we know if our efforts were effective or not?

Evaluation is vital to teams that grow. Anything we want to grow has to have metrics attached to it, so that it can be evaluated.

So how do good teams evaluate experiences?

There are five vital keys to be evaluated to know if your team is winning or losing:

How do good teams evaluate experiences?

1. Excellence.
Did your team give it their best? When you walk into Nordstrom's, you never wonder if things are "excellent." We know excellence when we see it. Further, when we start to achieve excellence on our team, it prevents us from being comfortable or satisfied with anything less. Now there is a bit of a sliding scale. What excellence looks like for you today is very different than what it may look like for you two years from now. Do your best, give your best, but don't settle for "good enough," and never stop chasing better.

2. Transitions.
This is the most overlooked and costly moment that needs to be evaluated. Without good, seamless, smooth transitions we won't have good experiences. Transitions are the most important part of a Sunday. How do people enter, how do they exit, how do we get from one moment to the next, how smooth is the communication during that moment? Transitions are not hard, but they must be intentional. Focusing on your transitions are the easiest way to improve your experience and the most dangerous way to create distractions in your experience.

3. Talent.
You have it or you don't. Is what you are doing good? It requires honest, real, last 10% feedback to ensure that you are stewarding your talent well. If you don't have the right talent, you can't afford to keep someone in a position that compromises the rest of the team. My friend Lori Wilhite always says: "Everyone loves you, until you lead." This is true. Leadership is full of hard decisions. Don't sacrifice your leadership and in turn compromise the ability of having a lost person connect with Christ.

4. Content.
Is it good? Is it clear? Do we have something applicable? Have we thought through the user experience and how they will engage with our "next step"? Are we simplifying the process and making it easy for people to take the next step in their journey? Make your content compelling, simple, clear and honest.

5. Volume.
Do you have enough volunteers? Are you developing someone? Is your team in the same place it was last year? Are you taking more chances and trying new things, or are you satisfied repeating and managing previous success? We serve a creative God who has given us permission to do our most inspired work. It's time to go for it!

Evaluations don't have to be bad. The truth is healthy teams use evaluations to grow, develop, enhance and perfect what they do.

My prayer for you and your team is that you are able to create the absolute best stuff, this Sunday in order to help people experience God like never before!

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