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An Unexpected Take-Away from WFX Reach in Raleigh

An Unexpected Take-Away from WFX Reach in Raleigh

WFX Reach came to my area in Raleigh, North Carolina. Normally I work at the large WFX event each year; this time I had the opportunity to volunteer by running a camera for IMAG and experienced some grace.

This week WFX Reach came to my area, hosted by Crossroads Fellowship Church in Raleigh, NC. I normally work at the large WFX event each year; this time I had the pleasure of volunteering on the church's tech team running a camera for IMAG.

While there were lots of good seminar topics throughout the conference, there was one moment that meant a lot to me. The associate senior pastor of Crossroads Fellowship, Andy George, started a general session talking about how he sensed there were people in the room who were feeling very discouraged, to the point that they were ready to quit on the church if not completely, at least in serving.

He went on to speak on this further, and it hit home because he was very much talking about me. I've been struggling with this for years. There are times that I look around at the church and truly question whether what we as humans have turned the church into would please God, and whether it's worth supporting. I often feel that one of the things the Church does best is take their most dedicated people and keep them so busy inside the church that they never come into significant, meaningful relationship with an unchurched person again. But I digress.

Pastor George asked people to come together in groups and pray for each other. As I was running a camera for the event, there isn't really the option of stepping out of that role and joining the group for prayer. But as I was sitting behind my camera thinking about what had been said, I felt an arm going around my shoulder, and another pastor at Crossroads, had come up behind me and just started praying for me. Whether he sensed the state of my soul at that moment or not, it meant a lot to me. And it made me feel better about things and gave me a sense of hope.

One aspect of serving on a technical production team is that frequently we are left out of the ministry to the congregation. When there is a time of prayer, we don't generally feel like we have the option to step away from our role to participate in the ministry taking place in the room. This can feel very isolating, and for someone who is struggling as I have been, can actually exasperate the issue.

I'd like to encourage you to find ways to explicitly include those who serve in your tech ministry in moments like these.

They need that. I needed that.

This can be done by people recognizing that there are those "working" in the room, and to find them and go over to include them. Or, call them to leave their positions and come out and join the room for these moments. Discuss with your technical team leaders how ministry can work for both the event and the tech team members, so that when moments like these arise, often unplanned, everyone in the room can be included.

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