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Recruit Church Volunteers Everyday

Recruit Church Volunteers Everyday

Often, it's not that we are unwilling to recruit more we just have so much going in ministry that when the slots are full, we stop recruiting and focus on other things.

I've had to recruit a lot of volunteers in my days from early on, when I was a youth pastor working with students, to developing the tech ministry of skilled volunteers.

I've come to the conclusion it's a long and hard road that never ends.

Pick up the phone or email your friends, etc.

What I think happens to us, is we get as many of our position needs covered, with just the right amount of volunteers, or one or two short and then we stop from recruiting more.

But we never truly are covered.

Then when someone needs a weekend off, we panic or scramble to fill the spot.

It's one of the "traps" as churches we fall in, when utilizing volunteers for our ministry.  Often, it's not that we are unwilling to recruit more we just have so much going on in doing and running the ministry that when the slots are full, we stop recruiting and focus on other things.

We didn't sign up to be recruiters or even people developers we signed up to operate and fix things.

So when churches ask me how they should recruit more volunteers, the first thing I tell them is to just "do it."

That's right, just start "doing it."

Pick up the phone or email your friends, etc.

Now we all know it's more complicated than that, as we are such a skilled ministry that you can't just put anyone on the soundboard or lighting console. But it first starts with an attitude of "you will never have enough volunteers and you should always be looking."

Let's face it it's such an intimidating ministry wearing dark clothes, always in the shadows, never say anything, it looks real complicated. So it's not the easiest ministry to recruit for.

On top of that, you're looking for a self-starter, quick learner, who understands technology, is always on time, and doesn't need much training or guidance. They also need be a know-it-all, superstar, professional who doesn't want to get paid.

Not exactly easy to find.

So the second thing I tell churches when they ask me about recruiting, is to create an environment where everyone on the team is recruiting. I used to do this quite often, where I ask everyone on my teams (paid or volunteer) to give me three names of people you know that can do your job.

Let's say you have 10 people on your team and only three of them give you two names each. That's still six people that have been prescreened by someone on your team who knows what it takes to be a tech volunteer.  This is by far better than just picking up the church directory and cold-calling individuals with names that sound like a tech person.

Also what often happens is the person giving you the names usually says to the potential volunteer "Why don't you just come when I'm serving next and just watch what I do?" built in trainer!  The more you do this, the more your team is always on the lookout for a potential volunteer maybe someone in their small group, maybe a family member they are taking ownership for the team as a whole in making it better.

Dennis Choy created and developed the church’s Technical Production Department after joining the staff at North Coast Church in 1995. North Coast Church, located in Vista, Calif., currently offers 46 worship services with more than 12,000 attendees every weekend across five campuses.

He also oversees the Communications, Graphics, Web, Creative Video, Social Media, Staging and IT Department. He has taught training classes at Infocomm, NAB, WFX, TFWM, NAMM and other conferences around the country and currently serves on the Board for the Church Technical Leaders Network. He resides in Oceanside, Calif. with his wife Michelle and their three children.

Get in Touch: dennis@northcoastchurch.com   More by Dennis Choy

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