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Reasons to Consider Attending WFX REACH

Reasons to Consider Attending WFX REACH

Now is the time to evaluate what's happening in your ministry so we can assist you in getting the education, training and solutions you need to move forward.

Dear Friend,

Take a deep breath and let’s focus on the future of your church and your team.

You’ve just made it through the Easter season and you can now step back and take a moment to think. We know what you’ve been going through, and that’s why we’ve placed the WFX REACH Conference (Chicago) on May 28 & 29. With Easter behind you, we hoped you’d have enough time to evaluate what’s happened so we can help you actively plan how you’re going to get the education, training and solutions you need to move forward.

If any of these 4 descriptions capture where you’re at right now, then I encourage you to consider attending WFX REACH:

  • You need solutions and ideas for renovating, expanding or creating new or more effective space in your buildings.
  • If you are, then getting fresh ideas, trends and advice for saving money on a project that exceeds your expectations is a good use of your time.
  • You’re a Tech Director and you want or need to find training and development that understands your unique role in the church. Your role is more than technology and you want to learn from other Tech Directors.
  • Your Tech Team needs training, inspiration and exposure outside of your own church.  You know your team needs to see new things so they grow. Lets get them immersed in a new setting with new ideas.
  • Your media communications strategy is weak, non-existent or worse - ineffective at reaching people.Most churches are struggling on this one, so let’s learn from each other.

It’s okay to take a breather after Easter. Once you do, I think you’ll see that WFX REACH can help you move some of these priorities forward.

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.

Jim Wagner
Vice President

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