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Mission Moment: Ongoing Aid in Haiti

Mission Moment: Ongoing Aid in Haiti

El Shaddai Ministries International

When the earthquakes and hurricanes hit Haiti, lives are saved thanks to the number of ministries
there. Agencies with networks already in place provide aid within hours of disasters. One of those
ministries is El Shaddai Ministries International (ESMI), which currently has:

• 48 churches planted in Haiti
• 29 schools with over 6,000 students
• 19 orphanages caring for 2,200+ children
• 5 medical clinics
• 50+ micro businesses to support churches
• Vocational training for older children
• Computer labs for IT training
• 2 warehouses under construction to prepare for natural disasters
• Seminary in Les Cayes and a new seminary under construction in Jeremie

ESMI has worked in Haiti for more than 20 years. Its organizational structure is based upon the
four “E’s”: Evangelism, Education, Empathy and Economic development. Each church plant also
starts a business to remain self-sufficient. They’ve launched bakeries, a motorcycle taxi service, a
dump truck service, agri-businesses and even an Internet call center.

ESMI’s U.S. field director, Dale Austin, has been with the organization since 1999 and he says the
earthquakes have caused more Haitians to look to God. “Our first church plant after the quakes, in
a town called Jeremie, saw 67 people receive Christ at the opening worship service. The church was
overflowing with so many people packed in there. Part of the joy in working like this [is that] I get to
see changed lives.” And it’s not just the Haitian’s whose lives are changing. Austin says numerous
doctors and nurses have prayed to receive Christ from medical teams going to Haiti to help.

ESMI is now working to help with the cholera outbreaks, holding educational seminars on how
to treat contaminated water. Austin says they are also working to plant Haitian churches in the
United States and Canada.

For more information on El Shaddai Ministries International, visit: www.esmihome.org

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