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From Catalyst Director, Tyler Reagin's article, The 10 Qualities of a Great Leader, Consistent and Calm (Part 3 of 6).

HERE’S A REMINDER detailing the list of 10 qualities of a great leader:

1. Leverage Influence for the team
2. Approachable

3. Consistent

4. Calm/Stable

5. Solid Grip on Reality
6. Relational
7. Release Ownership
8. Self-Aware
9. Trustworthy
10. Respected

3. Consistent

The definition of consistent is simple Unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time. Another way to say this would  also be  integrity.  My southern, simple version is this:  What you see is what you get.  There are obviously times when you have bad days and act in unexpected ways. The key is, those days are exceptions and not the rule.   Let's be honest. No one wants to be in a relationship with anyone whose moods change with the wind and their decisions seem to have no rhyme or reason.  If you lead that way, then you will keep your team
on their heels, never able to gain traction or confidence, and struggling to be their best.   I have often said that one of my highest values as a person (maybe my highest), would be being known to have the same personality and character at home, the office, church or out with friends on the golf course. I obviously do different things depending on the environment I'm in, but my character and personality are constant.  It requires fighting hard for your personality and being yourself.

Team leaders that can stay calm in the face of plans that fail, technology that breaks and team members that get anxious, will attract an amazing team with a loyal following.

This does not immune any of us to having a bad day. The difference is when we are having a bad day, people will know it's a bad day and not the norm.  Is it just me, or is this a must for a great team leader?

 4. Calm/Stable

I know this sounds very similar to the trait right before this, but I would argue that there is a difference in these two specifically with the calm attribute.  In England, it's often said, "Keep Calm and Carry On." I'm almost convinced that they took that from me. There is a reason that some of the best coaches in professional sports resemble men and women of calm.  They can take
every moment and regulate their emotions so they can stay in clarity.  Think about itPhil Jackson, Bill Belichek and Bobby Cox were all in a league of their own when it comes to leading teams.

 I would argue that their calmness served them well and constantly kept them focused and clear minded.  As well as the occasional intensity to wake everyone up!

Rorke Denver (lead Navy Seal in Act of Valor) spoke at a Leadercast event and tells a story of a commanding officer teaching the recruits this simple phrase, "Calm is contagious."  How true. Team leaders that can stay calm in the face of plans that fail, technology that breaks and team members that get anxious, will attract an amazing team with a loyal following.  

What is one area you could be asking God to give you calm in that would make you a great team leader?

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