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Increase Church Attendance with These 7 Push Notifications

Increase Church Attendance with These 7 Push Notifications

Real examples for engaging your congregation through push.

Unlike any other form of communication, push notifications have the ability to meet people where they areliterally. But push notifications aren't intended for daily anecdotes or irrelevant blasts. When used correctly, they have the potential to impact your church through increased engagement, deepening discipleship, fundraising and growing attendance. 

If you're worried about annoying your app users, don't be. Research tells us users who have enabled push notifications average 88 percent more app launches than those who have it disabled. But 35 percent of consumers who subscribe to mobile marketing aren't getting relevant messaging.

How do you increase relevancy? With personalization, segmentation and actionable items.

1.) Growing Your Church

Growing your church and increasing attendance starts with engagement. But engagement isn't just about keeping your congregation entertained. It's about nurturing them to go from weekly churchgoer to loyal disciple. Give them opportunities to do more by keeping them updated through different types of push notifications.

2.) Holidays

As a former pastor, I know the chaos that can come around church holidays like Easter and Christmas. Your church members feel the same way. Use push to delight them with helpful messages that make it easier.

Tickets to our Easter program are going fast! Open the app to reserve your spot now.

Plan out your Christmas worship now! Choose from four convenient times to attend.

3.) Virtual Attendance

Members can't make it? Traveling for the summer? With an app, live streaming and media libraries of sermon audio or video is easy. Plus, they make your message shareable in order to increase new membership.

Yesterday's services are up on the video stream! Share with a friend who needs to hear our message.

Loved Sunday's sermon? Watch it again in the app!

4.) Worship Prep

Don't give churchgoers a chance to bow out of attending service. Provide additional encouragement to attend service with engaging preparatory readings or "homework" activities.

What to read before service this Sunday: (open the app for the reading)

This Sunday, we'll be covering the story of the Good Samaritan. Read up for a refresher!

5.)Service Changes

Part of keeping your attendance numbers high is giving your members all the information they need to know to before they come. Inform them of logistical changesno matter how small!

Only one service this week. Join us at 10:30 a.m.!

We'll be starting 20 minutes late today because of the snow. Be safe!

6.) Outreach

One of the most beneficial features of mobile apps (for both app owners and users alike) is the social share option. By allowing users to share your content, they advocate for your church, bringing new members in organically.

High schoolers: Tomorrow is BFF night. Bringing a friend? Use the app to share the invite!

(Choose specific groups to send segmented messages to instead of blasting all users.)

Check out the youth praise & worship band at tonight's 6:00 p.m. service! View the app for a set list.

7.) Bring Them Back

Push messages aren't meant to be blast messages that fall on deaf ears. When used in a way that makes users feel connected one-on-one, they can always be put to work for a greater causeengagement. With the use of segmentation and actionable push messages, you'll hold their attention throughout the week, making them itch to get back to church each weekend.

Want more push notification example like these? Get 42 Push Notifications Every Church Should Be Sending for suggestions, tips, and tricks on engaging your congregation through messages. 

Adam Weber is a founder of Bluebridge, a mobile app platform that provides churches with a way to easily create affordable world-class apps. He is a former pastor and co-founder of Commonway Church in Muncie, IN which is now home to more than 600 members.

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