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How to Become A Postive Team Player

How to Become A Postive Team Player

Becoming a positive team player should always be one of the most important goals of a person who wants to impact the world for God.

Becoming a positive team player should always be one of the most important goals in the life of a person who desires to impact the World God has created.

As God's creation, we are all equally important to God and He invites every person to work on His Team.

Membership requires that we believe in Him and accept His Son Jesus Christ as the Captain of the Team.

He demands that we approach our assignment with the right attitude.

We are expected to bring our best attitude to the Team. We must realize that God is always in search of Team Players who will accept Him as the perfect Team Owner and Teacher.

It is a fact that there are no other teams who can defeat God's Team.

God is always victorious.His attitude is one of victory.He will never lose any contest. All great winners know that God is the greatest winning Strategist known to mankind.Every Player on God's Team inherently knows that God is a great Mentor for anyone who will accept Him. 

A positive person craves the opportunity to spend time with God and enjoys being a team player on God's team. Because of his love for God, he seeks to reject the negatives of life and embraces all the positives.

A positive person can expect to move forward. Therefore, he can move forward with confidence.

The reality is that all things positive rests with the Creator. We can move forward anticipating a life of success. Martin Luther King said, "If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control."God has given us His Son to teach that our moral foundations will help us to build strong relationships.

We are to join Him in recruiting team players who need to hear about His winning record. We are to point out that "in loving kindness He has taken the time to draw each one of us."A positive team player is expected to love and enjoy the role of working with others.

A positive team player is one whose actions tend to encourage and strengthen others unawares.  If he remains loyal to God, he will be promoted as one of God's leaders. In the face of so much negativity these days, take a stand to courageously do what is positive and right, it will, undoubtedly, have profound effects on your future. Billy Graham is quoted as saying, "Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened," (1 Samuel 17).

This attitude is birthed in leaders who enjoy the presence of God. Simply put, a positive team player is a role model who adds value to a winning team. In the Bible, Daniel can be described as a positive team player who effectively impacted his world. He loved God and he trusted God for the outcome of his actions.

Daniel was also an "all-around"team player who made sure his friends were also recognized for their contributions to the team as well.  He became a man of prayer. He was loyal and faithful to God.  As a result, God promoted him to a position of leadership. He was such a great leader that God is allowing his record of success to teach us valuable lessons about team leadership even today.

Other positive team players have taught us the value of waiting to be elevated to the position of leadership. Caleb was elevated to the position of leadership at the age of 85. Here's the point. Whether you are young or old, God knows the moment He will elevate you to a position of leadership.

After all, God still remains the Greatest MENTOR for His Team.

While you are waiting to be elevated,trust that God is working it all out in your favor.  Remain faithfully optimistic as God leads you through the process of becoming a "Positive Team Player."

**Contributing writer/editor:  Dr. Ervin L. McWilson, Sr.

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