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Find the Best Candidate For a Ministry

Find the Best Candidate For a Ministry

Searching for a new pastor can be an exhaustive and frustrating process. Minister Search serves churches by finding them a pastor who fits their DNA.

The search for a new pastor or minister can be a frustrating time for a church. After all, it takes up time and resources that many churches can't spare and often the perfect candidate is never found.

That's where Minister Search comes in. The Lewisville, Texas-based business focuses exclusively on ministry staffing, and filling ministry positions for pastors and ministers, removing a church's worry and stress.

Minister Search was the brainchild of David Lyons, who was working in the recruiting industry helping small and mid-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations in identifying, acquiring, and retaining the most effective leaders and team members, and wondered, "why can't this be done for a church?"

"It all started fourteen years ago. I was working as a information technology headhunter in Dallas, working alongside a lot of Christ's followers, and had a good relationship with my senior pastor, had friends and family in the ministry and noticed there always seemed to be an open position," Lyons says. "The turnover and finding the right candidate seemed to take awhile from the pastoral side, and it seemed to me like a tough prospect."

After praying about it and talking with some others, Lyons decided to open Minister Search, so he moved into a smaller house and ran his business from the back bedroom.

"It took six months before we had our first church. A lot of churches looked at us like we were crazy," he says. "Most had search committees and didn't see the need, but eventually we got our first client and things slowly progressed."

Today, Minister Search has done more searches than any other firm in the U.S. and has teamed tens of thousands of pastors with churches in 47 statesincluding its first Hawaii-based church in 2014.

"We don't find pastors jobs, we help find churches pastors." David Lyons, President and Founder of Minister Search

Lyons says, "Our overall philosophy is we do not believe it's our job to tell churches who they need to hire for their pastoral positions, instead, we believe our role in the whole process is to best position the church and the candidate and family to really discern what the Lord is telling them to do about this. The most effective ways is prayer and transferring information back and forth."

The Minister Search approach is to learn everything there is to know about the church from mission to values to theology to the specialties about the position and candidate profile and then it will take the same approach with all candidates.

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