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ARC Makes It Their Mission to Launch Life-Giving Churches

ARC Makes It Their Mission to Launch Life-Giving Churches

Association of Related Churches Teaches and Supports Churches Plants

Much of the success that Life Song Church is experiencing has as much to do with its beginning as it does with the here and now. Life Song and churches like it all over the country, realized from the get go that a strong, grounded start was essential for successful ministry. Because of this, Pastor David Payne and his team enlisted the help of experts that shared Life Song's vision of church to help lay the groundwork of what Life Song would become back when the church was initially planted in 2006.
The experts that Payne and his team sought out were from the Association of Related Churches (ARC). ARC specializes in "launching life-giving churches." According to its website, ARCchurches.com, the organization is committed to supporting the success of churches in four primary ways. They help churches start strong. They reach the unchurched. They build relationships, and they support churches financially.
"[ARC is] an association of relational churches working with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches," ARC President, Pastor Greg Surrat said on the organization's website.
As part of the organization's core values, ARC provides mentoring relationships with pastors and churches to offer guidance, encouragement, and fellowship. With these relationships, it is ARC's goal to help churches grow by ministering to the people where they are at geographically and also by planting other churches. ARC aims to provide a "resource-rich" environment that fosters the success of church planters.
In the case of Life Song, ARC came alongside the church to coach them through the church planting process and support them financially by providing a $30,000 short term loan with no interest. Payne said that the church was able to repay the loan within 11 months and today Life Song is proud to help support ARC in their mission to plant life-giving churches throughout the country.
"We are still affiliated with them and they will be partnering with us in our multi-campus launch," Payne said. "They exact nothing in terms of governance or denomination. You could be Assemblies of God, Baptist, whatever. Their mission is to plant a church that is about loving, serving and caring for people where they are If you love Jesus and have a life giving culture, they coach you and provide you with some tools and help you get after it."
Payne says that another great benefit of working with ARC is that they continue to help churches in the weeks and months following their launch. The organization has coaching networks to help church planters find cohesion to continue to build momentum on a week-to-week basis at a time when many church planters might find themselves saying "Now what?".
"Church planters don't get the tyranny of every Sunday after they launch," Payne said. "[ARC] helps church planters find traction, stability consistency."

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