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7 Proven Strategies for Hiring Church Staff

7 Proven Strategies for Hiring Church Staff

You have the "go ahead" to bring on a new staff member. Now what? Here are proven strategies used by Gateway Church's former Technical Director, David Leuschner on building an effective staff for your ministry.

  1. Ideally, an external hire should be part of the church, a member, saved by God’s grace and ready to participate in church life.
  2.   Don’t hire a sound engineer that will only mix sound and go home. Hire a sound engineer that knows the church, attends when isn’t mixing and feels part of what you are doing.
  3. Look for a servant attitude.
  4. If a person is not willing to come through a volunteer system, they probably should not be hired. That doesn’t mean every hire has to go through that system, but they should be willing to go through it.
  5. Build a contact list and pay attention.
  6. Reach out to other churches and seek advice.  Familiarize yourself with other church leaders and talk to them on a regular basis. Pay attention to booth walk ups that engage you and have skills. If you rent gear, inquire about freelance engineers from whom you could gain knowledge. In all these cases, build your contact list and watch for people who can help your tech contact pool grow.
  7. Resume Searches.
  8. The church world is more intent on creating an atmosphere of worship than a concert. When reviewing resumes, notice diverse experiences, across religious and secular platforms. If they lean heavily towards secular, find out why they want to work for a church. If they lean towards religious, find out why they do secular events. Be looking for the heart of why they want to work for your organization.
  9. Value Searches.
  10. Make sure every person that goes through your program or is interested in a job values what your church is doing over what they want to do. Essentially, check your ego at the door. It's not about how you want to mix or light the service. It's about how your church wants to build an atmosphere.
  11. Start Outside Staff in Non-Leadership Roles (where possible).
  12. Try to hire external personnel in at a lower level to allow time for them to learn, acclimate to your culture or leave. Once they have proven themselves, you can promote them as needed. It seems to take 6 months to 1 year before someone fully understands your culture and migrates into a role that can lead people. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit - This the the most important aspect of the recruiting process. I used to call them gut checks. When recruiting staff, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and flow with what He wants. Remember your staff helps to set an atmosphere of worship that allows people come into the presence our Lord and Saviour, so listen to His voice when making these decisions.

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