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7 Ideas on Hiring Staff

7 Ideas on Hiring Staff

You have the "go ahead" to bring on a new staff member. Now what? Here are proven methods used by Gateway Church's Technical Director, David Leuschner on building an effective staff for your ministry.

You walk out of the staff budget meeting stunned. Your presentation went well. Your Pastor understood the need and expense for new staff.  Instead of being told "not this year," they said "yes". Great news! Now what?

Although recruitment plans should start long before that meeting, here are some steps you can take to hire solid, capable staff with a heart for your church.

Build a volunteer program - Volunteers are the life blood of a church. Most of our solid paid talent first started as a volunteer and was raised up through our volunteer program.

Advertise for Volunteers - Ask the ministries to get on board. Utilize as many outlets at your disposal (platform announcements, social media, video announcements, etc) to recruit volunteers. It is surprising how many volunteers and solid staff come out of just advertising the need.

. Culture of Volunteerism - Adapt the culture of your church to revolve around volunteers. Ask yourself and your pastors how you can integrate volunteers into various aspects of your church.

Volunteer Orientations - Orientations are important to let the volunteers know what they should expect and it gives you something to advertise. I encourage every church to bring both volunteers and potential staff through an orientation.

Volunteer Training - Create an on-going program for training and developing volunteers.

Create Standards - Set standards and goals that your volunteers and staff must meet. Essentially this program allows volunteers to advance from entry level positions to more technically demanding positions.

Value the Heart (Leadership) - Understand the difference between someone who has a capacity to run the equipment and someone who has a capacity to lead others. Place a higher value on people who have a heart for the church above those who have raw talent. Those who can lead teams and have a heart for the church will be able to organize many people who are talented at gear positions.

Looking for new talent or have a position to fill? Check our Worship Facilities Jobs.

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